The Division's Most Overpowered Weapon Is Getting A Nerf

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The Division community manager Natchai confirms that the high-end gun Midas will be getting nerfed soon, after users took to Reddit to highlight how unbalanced the weapon is.

Tom Clancy's The Division launched earlier this week and players are already racing to reach the level cap in order to not only experience end game content and the Dark Zone, but also to get their hands on some of the best loot in the game. Much of this loot can be found inside of the dangerous walls of the Dark Zone, an area that sports elite AI enemies along with other players who can potentially turn on you at any point. Whether purchasing the loot from special Dark Zone vendors or getting lucky through loot drops, users are quickly finding out that one gun in particular is quickly unraveling the balance in the game, leaving a path of destruction in its wake.

Initially reported by Reddit user dedaFedil, the golden high end submachine gun known as Midas is starting negatively affect the balance in The Division's PvP centric Dark Zone areas of the game. While the gun doesn't hit as hard as some other weapons, the main issue people seem to have with it comes from its unique talents and attributes. While at full health, the user gains a bonus to critical hit chance, and gives 5% of the users health and signature skill cooldown on every critical hit. Couple all of that with the fact that sub-machine guns come with a high rate of fire and a bonus to critical hit chance, so when paired with the perks of the Midas, many users become unstoppable not only against the AI but against other users as well.

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Signature skill cooldowns are typically set for 15 minutes, but with a rapid firing gun that shaves a percentage off for every critical hit, users are able to utilize their ultimates at a much faster rate than originally intended. This gives users the ability to activate one of three ultimates that range from fully health their group, reduce all incoming damage by 80%, or gain a big boost to damage and critical hits at a much faster rate than other players.

As many have found out, studio personnel at Massive Entertainment have been listening and responding to feedback as quickly as possible since launch, and the same is true for this story. Ubisoft community manager, Natchai Stappers responded to the original posters a few hours after the thread was created, informing everyone that the team is aware of the situation and is currently working on a fix for the gun.

Comparisons have already been made to the Gjallarhorn, an exotic rocket launcher that was wildly popular during the first year of Destiny, and many would agree was overpowered at the time. Once upgraded, the rocket launcher was capable of unleashing homing wolfpack cluster rounds, which essentially destroyed most enemies in a couple of hits. The problem is that this was also true for high end, raid level bosses, which ultimately made the game too easy. The difference here is that Bungie left the Gjallarhorn unpatched for most of the first year of the game, intentional or not, while Massive is already working on a fix.

Is this a big problem for a game like The Division? If you're someone with the Midas, do you feel it is overpowered or has the potential to break the balance? Let us know your thoughts below.

Tom Clancy's The Division is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Reddit

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