The Division Community Developer, Hamish Bode, reveals that once the upcoming patch for update 1.3 arrives, certain weapons will be impacted once they drop in game.

It was a busy E3 2016 for Ubisoft as the company revealed a good chunk of its upcoming lineup within the next year including games like the revamped Watch_Dogs 2, and showing off a lot of new gameplay from Ghost Recon: Wildlands and For Honor as well. Fans of The Division were also treated to the first gameplay trailer for the Underground expansion which arrives for Xbox and PC fans next week. In addition to the new content and things to do, it sounds like the update will be bringing numerous balancing and weapon changes as well.

In a post on the official Division forums, community manager Hamish Bode tipped players off that there are weapon changes coming next week in update 1.3, also known as the Underground expansion. While no specifics were provided, Bode revealed that some changes would affect some existing weapons within the game once they are dropped after the patch is applied. Detailed information on the changes are coming later this week in the State of the Game podcast, but for now players are urged to hold on to their crafting materials until then.

the division underground

As originally announced during the Microsoft E3 2016 press conference, the first paid expansion arrives for Xbox and PC players on June 28. PlayStation 4 fans will unfortunately be waiting a bit longer as Underground is scheduled to arrive over 30 days later on August 2.

Weapon balancing has proven to be somewhat tricky for Massive Entertainment as the studio has already made sweeping changes to many weapons within the game since The Division launched. The most high profile of these balancing updates came to a sub-machine gun known as Midas, a high end weapon which gave Dark Zone players fits thanks to a potent combination of talents and attributes. Almost as quickly as the comparisons to Destiny’s Gjallarhorn began, Massive Entertainment put out a patch which effectively balanced the weapon, preventing players from becoming unstoppable with the gun.

Ubisoft took advantage of E3 by revealing not only the first paid expansion but also gave players the first look at the second as well. The Survival trailer was a little light on details, but showed off a Division agent surviving a helicopter crash and trying to stay alive amidst a snow storm and an attack from rioter enemies. While the agent was assisted by another group of Division agents, the end of the trailer revealed a heavily armed combatant who had collected a number of Division agent watches, indicating that this person is some sort of agent bounty hunter and a major target for players once this content arrives.

Are you looking forward to the content coming in the Underground expansion next week?

Tom Clancy’s The Division is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Ubisoft Forums