One YouTuber thoroughly examines the Warlord assault rifle in The Division, detailing its stats, talents, and whether or not it’s worth most players’ time.

The Division‘s Incursion update recently released, and with it came the opportunity to earn new high-end gear. One YouTuber has taken it upon himself to offer an in-depth look at the high-end assault rifle that can drop from the Falcon Lost Incursion.

The weapon in question is the Warlord, a high-end assault rifle variant of the AK-47 found normally in The Division. It drops exclusively from the APC boss in the Falcon Lost Incursion on challenge mode, and cannot be crafted. While the gun has a unique shiny skin that makes it look pretty glamorous, YouTuber Arekkz isn’t particularly impressed with the weapon.

The Warlord’s basic stats are pretty decent, coming in with a base damage of 10.4k with no mods or talents altering the score. It also has a magazine size of 30, a reload speed of just under 3 seconds, and RPM of 600. However, Arekkz complains that the weapon’s talents aren’t particularly impressive, and points out that the locked talents will probably be extremely difficult for most gamers to unlock.

The Warlord offers one talent that’s unlocked automatically: Unforgiving, which boosts a player’s damage output the lower their own health becomes. This talent can boost damage output by up to 23.50%, which may make a big difference for some players, but most will probably want their health to be as close to full as possible.

Arekkz’s biggest problem with the Warlord is the remaining two high-end weapon talents: Capable and Ferocious. In order for gamers to access these two talents and unlock the Warlord’s full potential, it requires a very balanced build of stats. Ferocious requires at least 2063 points in each stat, and Capable requires 2579 in firearms. In short, gamers who naturally play with a balanced build may enjoy this weapon, but those who prefer to specialize in one or two stats won’t be able to make the most out of this weapon.

Players of The Division put a lot of time and effort into acquiring high-end equipment, either farming high-end gear in missions or taking on difficult end-game content like this Incursion to get a guaranteed drop. Unfortunately, Arekkz’s latest video has shown that just because a piece of gear is high-end doesn’t mean that it’ll necessarily work for everyone. In any case, it doesn’t look like the Warlord is going to become one of the most popular weapons in The Division anytime soon.

Ranters, do you use the Warlord? Did you have to alter your stat build to maximize its capabilities? Tell us about it in the comments.

The Division is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: YouTube