‘The Division’ Trailer Highlights Snowdrop Engine

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While some publishers came to E3 2013 talking of the potential next-gen hardware could bring, Ubisoft took it upon themselves to bring games already taking advantage of the leap. Tom Clancy’s The Division may have been somewhat overshadowed by the tech-focused Watch_Dogs, but it was every bit as stunning in terms of story and graphics.

Now, thanks to the VGX 2013 awards, fans have a longer look at the powerful Snowdrop engine that will be powering the light, weather, and physics models in-game. And if there were any doubts the next-gen would be brighter and prettier than ever, this should do the trick.

After storming E3 by force – with both the biological warfare story crafted for the game, and the futuristic weaponry and tools at the player’s disposal – talk of The Division has nearly ceased. It’s hard to say why, but it goes without saying that the development team is taking their time, since launching a brand new franchise is never something taken lightly.

The developers have spoken at length about their hopes for blurring the lines between singleplayer and multiplayer, and even between home consoles and mobile devices, but in regards to specific assets and closer looks at the game in action, fans haven’t had much to get excited about. But nothing gets ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ from a crowd of gamers like a tech demo, and the Snowdrop engine powering The Division doesn’t disappoint.

The Division Artwork 2 (Small)

It’s hard to say exactly how the dynamic day/night cycle will play into the game’s open world, but the finer points of the physics engine – like individual bullet holes visible in a car window – were evident from the very first gameplay video released. Hopefully the story and combat will be strong enough to do the engine justice, but it’s clear that from a technical standpoint, Ubisoft intends to make the most of next-gen hardware.

What do you think of the tech video? Does the Snowdrop engine offer a level of detail that you’d like to see every next-gen game live up to, or were you hoping for more details on the story and characters of The Division? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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Tom Clancy’s The Division is targeting a 2014 release date on the Xbox One, PC and PS4.

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