The Division Update 1.2 Gear Sets Detailed In Full

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In a post on Twitter, Ubisoft reveals the full details and look of the four new gear sets coming in the 1.2 update this week for Tom Clancy's The Division.

The second of two free updates is set to arrive this week in Tom Clancy's The Division, bringing a heap of goodies to players looking for new things to do and collect. One of the big additions in the April update was the addition of gear sets, which would bestow additional benefits and perks to the player based on how many pieces of the set were worn. The May update, also known as Conflict, is set to add another four to the game, and thanks to a recent Twitter post, fans now have a much better idea of what kind of bonuses each one has.

The four new gear sets, once again will cater to different play styles within the game while also providing a major boost to character stats. The first of the four is Hunter's Faith, which is gear optimized for players who enjoy long range combat, such as sniping. Lone Star should appeal to DPS players who enjoy to dish out maximum amounts of pain as quickly as possible while Final Measure is for the tank players who don't mind a beating. Lastly, Predator's Mark is the support set which will increase range and damage with both assault rifles and pistols.


Outside of the new gear sets, update 1.2 is freshening up the game with more things to do. Another Incursion mission called Clear Sky will be available for players as they try to take back control of the Manhattan skies from the Rikers faction who have moved into an abandoned LMB anti-aircraft missile site. High Value Targets have also invaded the map, and players can speak to a new bounty handler in the Base of Operations for more details. Finally, the Dark Zone may be giving players a bit more to worry about as enemy players can now cut the line during an extraction. Doing so will cause the gear to drop to the ground to be picked up by anyone.

Hopefully, these new gear sets won't fall into the same issue that arose once players got their hands on the complete Sentry's Call set. The marksman oriented gear let players put a mark on enemies once each piece was worn at the same time, granting a damage boost against other players. Unfortunately, a bug caused the mark to permanently stay on the target, even after death, giving a huge advantage to Sentry's Call users within the Dark Zone. The exploit will be no more once 1.2 becomes available for players.

Are these changes in update 1.2 enough to keep you playing until the first major expansion arrives later in June or have you moved on to other games int he meantime? Feel free to sound off in the comments below.

Tom Clancy's The Division is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: The Division Twitter

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