Ubisoft announces that the scheduled maintenance for The Division today wasn’t successful, resulting in the bug fixes and challenge mode for Clear Sky to be delayed.

After a rocketing off to a very successful start, Tom Clancy’s The Division has since seemingly run into issue after issue. While some problems were more or less cosmetic based, the game has also experienced its fair share of glitches, exploits, and balance problems as well. A weekly maintenance schedule was set to help quickly address various bugs, but after recently moving the date to Thursdays, it appears the studio has run into a major hiccup which will prevent the new patch from launching on time.

Originally, Ubisoft planned to take down the servers earlier today in order to apply a new update targeting recently discovered bugs. While the details surrounding what was being fixed wasn’t announced at the time, a follow up post arrived a few hours later with surprising news. Prior to deployment, the team at Massive discovered that the patch needed to be delayed due to the fixes not functioning. As a result, the scheduled maintenance will be finishing earlier than expected and no new release date has been revealed.

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The update issue have also negatively impacted the challenge mode intended for the newest incursion, Clear Sky. Due to the patch failure, the new mode is delayed until further notice as the team wants to ensure that it launches without any exploits and glitches similar to what happened with the Falcon Lost incursion.

Again, no timetable was given regarding when Challenge mode will be added into The Division. Ubisoft has also confirmed that more details surrounding the patch and when it will be deployed will be detailed as soon as possible.

Lately, the new surrounding The Division has not been very encouraging as just last week, the servers were brought down for maintenance three separate times to fix various issues that originated after Update 1.2 was applied. While this was no doubt a hassle for players, the end result was that a number of bugs were eliminated including incorrect Dark Zone blueprint rank requirements, High Value Target mission issues, and Daily Missions missing completely.

Thankfully, it’s not all bad news with The Division however. Recently, a troublesome UI glitch which layered two menu screens on top of one another was affecting many users on the PlayStation 4 version of the game has recently been patched out of existence. The hefty 4.5 GB download launched yesterday for players to download and after a quick restart, the issue appears to be long gone.

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Tom Clancy’s The Division is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Ubisoft Forums