Hot on the heels of the earlier release of The Division‘s Last Stand DLC trailer, Ubisoft has also revealed the full extent of the changes being introduced by the game’s free Update 1.6 patch.

Update 1.6, which will feature a number of big changes to The Division‘s multiplayer, will release for free tomorrow. Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment will also be releasing the game’s final expansion, Last Stand, on the same day, which should amount to one of the most important days in The Division‘s history outside of launch.

Update 1.6 will also add a number of other elements to The Division, including new legendary missions and changes to The Division‘s player gear, weapons, skills, and PvP balancing. While Ubisoft and Massive previously outlined the major changes that would be coming with Update 1.6, this is the first time fans have been able to view the entirety of what is planned for The Division once Last Stand releases tomorrow.

the division agent last stand

The biggest draw to the final expansion for The Division is its namesake, the Last Stand game mode. Ubisoft has described it as an 8 vs. 8 multiplayer match that will be based on holding tactical locations within one of four Dark Zone maps, and players will win by accumulating points while holding these locations.

Those looking for a complete breakdown of what Update 1.6 has to offer can find the official link here. While many of the most impactful ones have been detailed before, Update 1.6 represents one of the most significant changes to The Division ever, likely because it is being coupled with the last expansion currently scheduled for the title.

The commitment from Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment to make such deep and nuanced changes to The Division this late in its life cycle is an encouraging one, however, and is likely being driven by the fact that The Division is one of the best modern day video game comeback stories in recent memory. While its active playerbase still isn’t where it was at release, it has rebounded significantly, and the renewed interest was almost certainly a major factor in the decision to make this many changes.

The Division is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.