A Redditor has discovered the fastest way to unlock new cosmetic clothing items in the beta for The Division, utilizing a manner which involves multiple characters.

This weekend, beta players for The Division have been taking to the streets of New York to test out their survival skills in the dark zone, and experience a brief glimpse at single player content. While it turns out not everyone who signed up for the beta will actually get to play, those who have been given the chance to participate in the beta for The Division have wasted little time figuring out everything there is to do, and how to do it without dying constantly.

New players are only able to select their character’s looks via a very-limited selection of potential character faces for the beta, but the game allows them to further distance themselves from their similar-looking squadmates by unlocking cosmetic items. These can drop fromenemies taken down during missions, but the player starts off with a few of them in the beginning of the game as well. And as it turns out, players can exploit the latter in a bid to quickly unlock each cosmetic item for their main character.

As discovered by a Redditor named Keiichi81, players can keep creating new random characters to unlock more clothing options. Each time a random character spawns, the game adds several random cosmetic clothing items into their inventory. These clothing items are unlocked account-wide, which means players can then switch over to their main character and use the brand new cosmetic clothing unlocks for their main account. They can then delete the new character, and rinse and repeat the process over and over again until all of the cosmetic items are unlocked.

The Division Cosmetic Clothing Pom Pom

That being said, players should be aware that all clothing items – along with all experience gained in the beta – will be wiped after the weekend comes to a close, to ensure that everyone who buys the game will start on even footing. This means that those who want to ambush some other squads while wearing a a fashionable winter pom pom will have a limited time to try and unlock the cosmetic cap, so we’d recommend doing it right away. It only takes a few minutes to go through the introductory cutscene with each new character, but with starting items being randomized, it may take several tries to get everything a player wants.

While it’s still possible to unlock all of the cosmetic items without spamming new characters, this is certainly the fastest workaround we’ve seen, especially when compared to collecting cosmetic items as a loot drop or purchasing them from gear vendors. While the cosmetic articles of clothing will look best on PC over their console counterparts, this exploit is confirmed to work across Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

The beta will be running until January 31st, and Ubisoft fixed some 10,000 bugs to get it ready for the masses. How has your beta experience been, Ranters?

The Division is currently slated to release on March 8th, 2016, for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Source: Reddit