Agents in The Division should be aware of this YouTuber, who trolls other players by kicking them out of the squad party just before they receive their loot.

The Division has gone through the ringer when it comes to encountering various problems post-launch: an abundance of hackers, glitches, exploits, and game-breaking bugs have been constantly besieging Ubisoft Massive’s latest title. Now, those hoping to join a squad and play through the Falcon Lost incursion have another worry to add to their list: running into the biggest troll in The Division, who has a YouTube account with multiple videos showing him being a jerk.

The player leads a squad into the Falcon Lost incursion, playing through the mission as though nothing is amiss. As the incursion nears the end, however, he kicks players from the squad, eliminating any chances they had on getting some deserved loot, and therefore wasting their time completely. While it’s completely possible for players to beat the incursion by going solo, this isn’t always going to be a realistic options for players – especially those who enjoy teaming up with squadmates.

Brazenly, this full-time troll has plenty of videos of his actions on YouTube, which are amassing plenty of dislikes – but are certainly garnering the infamous player plenty of views, too:

The discovery of this player’s YouTube channel has caused an uproar on Reddit, with fans of the game demanding that Ubisoft Massive come up with a fix so that these kinds of players aren’t able to so easily troll honest gamers. Some suggested a vot-kick system to remove ultimate control from the team leader, whilst others suggested implementing a system ensuring rewards still got to a player’s stash even if a player is removed prior to the end of the mission.

While each system has its own downsides, it’s clear that something has to be done about the ability to kick agents willy-nilly, which has been an ongoing issue within The Division. The PC player base has already dropped a staggering 81% since the game launched, indicating the longevity of the title may be in jeopardy if the game’s online problems aren’t fully addressed.

Both Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network have a system for reporting unsportsmanlike conduct, but it’s clear this hasn’t been enough of a deterrent to prevent users like the guy from the above video from wasting the time of honest gamers. Ubisoft Massive promised to crackdown on hackers and exploiters, so it’ll be interesting to see how far the veritable ban hammer moves when it comes to unsporting tricksters.

What do you think about this The Division troll, Ranters?

Source: Reddit