The Division Adds Survival Mode to Public Test Server

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On the heels of the game changing update 1.4 for Tom Clancy's The Division, Ubisoft details and reveals first gameplay for the next major expansion known as Survival.

It's been an interesting year for Tom Clancy's The Division, which rocketed out of the gates to massive sales numbers, only for the game to become overhwelmed by issues after the launch of its first expansion in the summer. Surprisingly, Massive Entertainment took a step back to take the game back to the drawing board by fixing issues, gameplay mechanics, and generally improving the experience for players. After the launch of update 1.4 which radically altered the game, Ubisoft continues the momentum by dropping a ton of information and showing gameplay from the next upcoming expansion known as Survival.

In a new community stream on Twitch, community developer Hamish Bode revealed that the next major content update called Survival is making a surprising appearance on the Public Test Server today. While not available for console fans, PC players can start downloading the 7GB update, though no specific time frame has been given for when the new content arrives on the PTS servers for player use.

While Massive Entertainment has previously confirmed that once update 1.4 launched its attention would turn back to Survival for 1.5, the studio has not confirmed any sort of release window for when the second expansion will be ready for public consumption. For now, Bode gave players a taste of the new content by showing off the first gameplay through his stream.


Whether playing in player-versus-player mode or player-versus-enemy, players will gather at the Terminal area of the Base of Operations that opened for the last major expansion. After a routine mission goes astray due to a massive snowstorm takes down their chopper, players will need to survive long enough to extract. External factors such as hunger, cold, and crafting all play a very important role in helping the player survive because once a character dies, it's game over. Up to 24 players can participate in this new game mode, where weaker enemies stay on the boarders of the map and elite enemies with better gear patrol the middle.

As part of retooling effort by Ubisoft and Massive, the Public Test Server was introduced a couple of months ago in an effort to get players involved and provide feedback to better the experience. So far the experiment has proven to be a success as the most recent, game-changing update released fairly smoothly – something which cannot be said for previous updates. With Survival available today on the PTS, Ubisoft is looking to continue the momentum the game has seemingly reacquired.

What do yuo think of Survival? Will this be enough to bring you back and keep you playing the game or have you moved on for good?

Tom Clancy's The Division is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: The Division Twitch

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