The Division Survival Expansion Trailer

Ubisoft reveals the first trailer for the Survival Expansion of The Division, which seems to focus on the elements as being an integral plot for the expansion.

As expected, Ubisoft put plenty of focus on The Division during the company's E3 2016 Press Conference. Earlier today, the focus on new The Division content was solely on the large Underground Expansion scheduled to arrive later this month, though now Ubisoft has let gamers look further ahead at the upcoming Survival DLC, where things take a cold turn in Manhattan.

The season plans for The Division were announced several months ago, so agents already knew that the Survival DLC was coming. As the below video states, agents will find themselves without food, without water, and surrounded by enemies as the temperature drops. Collecting resources like food and water was initially supposed to be an integral part of the game, although this obviously wasn't the case by the time the game released last year. While the video lacks any revelations about potential new gameplay content, at the very least it will give players plenty of new firefights.

Agents can take a look at the official E3 2016 trailer below, which showcases a seemingly stealth-like focus to gameplay:


Prior to the release of the Survival Expansion this summer, Ubisoft will be releasing the the Underground DLC this June 28 for Xbox One, with PC and PS4 versions following shortly after. As the holiday season approaches, Ubisoft Massive will then put out the final part of its Season Pass content, the ominously titled Last Stand. Although the above trailer doesn't show any specifics, we imagine a new incursion will be included with the launch of Survival.

Ubisoft Massive will be hoping that entertaining downloadable content will help keep the game afloat, as it looks like the game has failed to retain the majority of its PC player base. Despite this, the game has been a massive commercial success, with the studio now putting down a zero-tolerance policy for cheaters, and even attempting to kickstart a movie with Jake Gyllenhaal.

Ubisoft is certainly doing all it can to keep busy, though it may not be enough to stop what appears to be a hostile takeover from Vivendi.

We'll keep you posted as specific gameplay details about the Survival DLC come to light. Gamers can take a look at the Ubisoft Press Conference here.

Tom Clancy's The Division is currently available for Xbox One, PC, and PS4. The Survival Expansion will arrive later this summer.


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