YouTuber Arekkz Gaming posts a video on The Division explaining how skills, talents, and perks are unlocked and used in the game, while also revealing a few new ones.

The past two weeks have been a busy one for Ubisoft as they continue to promote upcoming third person RPG shooter, The Division. Since the turn of the new year, fans have already received a new trailer featuring a host of previously unseen footage from the game, along with a number of hands-on impressions and added beta details. YouTube has been a good place for information as some channels have even gotten a chance to post information and gameplay footage.

One such YouTuber, Arekkz Gaming, has been busy as of late keeping fans in the know about current trends and information you may have missed about The Division. His latest video touches upon the various skills, perks, and abilities that players will be able to use to further customize their character, though details on the full list of all available skills is still embargoed for now. These various abilities are unlocked by completing missions and fixing the various department wings from the main base of operations.

As explained in the video; skills, talents, and perks are all accessible from the Abilities screen in the menu, each sorted into the three core pillars: Medical, Tech, and Security. Skills represent player triggered abilities used during combat, allowing the player to select any two and then a signature skill located at the bottom. These can be swapped as much as needed and players can also use mods to alter the functionality of a particular skill.

On the other hand, Talents are passive skills that are triggered by players when a certain action is performed in the game. For example, the talent Combat Medic allows the player to heal the group for 40% in a 20m radius just by using a medkit. Players will be able to select up to four to be active at a time once unlocked.

Finally, perks are additional passive bonuses, but unlike talents, they do not require a particular action to be performed in order to work. Once unlocked, the bonuses immediately go into effect. Some perks include allowing the player to carry 1 extra medkit, collect new crafting materials from the home base every hour, or increase XP from all actions by 10%.

The Division marketing machine has been in overdrive these past two weeks, giving players access to a new trailer, expanded information about the game, and most recently, a four part, live-action mini-series showing the origin stories of four Division agents. To celebrate the launch of this short series, Ubisoft has even given fans a way to cash in and receive free in-game outfits representing the four agents. Players should be aware that a code for which ever console is selected will be emailed and won’t be redeemable until the game launches in March.

Is Ubisoft revealing too much information on The Division at this point or are you still eating up every little detail that comes out?

Tom Clancy’s The Division launches on March 8, 2016 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. A closed Beta is set to kick off first on Xbox One on January 28 and then on PS4 and PC the following day on January 29 running until January 31.

Source: Arekkz Gaming