A fan of The Division has posted a particularly efficient build on YouTube, demonstrating his ability to one-shot most players in a brutal gaming montage.

The Dark Zones of The Division are always a dangerous place for agents to find themselves, and we’re not just referring to all the hacker-based drama from the past week. Now that The Division has been out for almost two months, many players have had time to adjust their specific agent builds, and have been tailoring them to their own specific play style. One player has developed a brutally efficient sticky bomb-based build, and has shown his ruthless efficiency in a video we’d like to share.

A YouTuber named Jesimein posted the video which contains one of the most merciless builds we’ve ever seen in The Division, and his montage has quickly picked up a following as gamers question how he was able to build it. The gamer referred to his custom build as being ‘OP in the skill department’, with the video below demonstrating that his agent is able to casually walk around the Dark Zone blowing away his opponents left, right, and center, in a matter of seconds.

Take a look for yourselves below:

The skills montage has attracted a lot of mixed responses on YouTube, where some fans are complimenting his build, and others saying that he was purposefully not showing moments when his build failed against players with decent health and exotic damage resist. “Everyone gets melted at some point,” Jesimein responded, “It’s common sense that montages are best clips.”

Although every build obviously has its weak points, Jesimein’s video certainly shows him dominating the Dark Zone with his crew in tow.  For the most part, his stickies are one-shotting the other agents, allowing the player to quickly roll in and give the downed enemies a love-tap to the afterlife.

According to the player himself, his agent has a DPS of 101 (2 Sentry’s Call + 112% critical), 103k health (Reckless Chest Armor + 65% damage mitigation), and 45k skill power (3 Tactician’s Authority, 39% skill haste, and 16% sticky damage). The gamer has promised to give away more details of the build on his Twitter account of the same name, but hasn’t posted the full details yet.

We haven’t had this much fun watching an agent tear up the streets since last week’s Morgan Freeman impersonator, but it’s hard to deny that few have ever been more effective. Other videos have shown solo agents take on multiple squads or rogues (and one madman who took on 20 players), but even those didn’t display the same amount of lethal efficiency that Jesimein manages in the video above.

Gamers looking to make their own OP skill build can take a look at our guide here.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Source: YouTube