Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment have been supporting Tom Clancy’s The Division well after its launch back in March 2016, with the companies having just recently put out the rather sizeable content drop of Update 1.8 just a few weeks ago. Now, though, it looks as if the publisher and developer could be eyeing a potential sequel sometime in the near future, as Massive Entertainment’s Managing Director, David Polfeldt, recently teased a followup being in the works.

This hint at a sequel to The Division came during a discussion between Polfeldt and IGN, with the Massive Entertainment Managing Director indicating that the studio still wants to use the world as a way to tell more stories. As Polfeldt explained, “I think it’s a wonderful, wonderful brand that has so many potential stories in it. There are a lot of things that we didn’t do in The Division 1 that are interesting to look at for that brand. I definitely think there’s lots of space for continuation which is beyond just keeping The Division online. But…I can’t talk about that too much right now.”

Although no official announcement of a direct sequel to The Division was revealed in Polfeldt’s statement, it’s interesting to note the usage of the phrase “The Division 1,” which insinuates that there are more numbered entries to come. Of course, should a followup be in the works, it’s likely not to come for quite some time due to Massive Entertainment’s intent to keep supporting the original title.

“The way we see it is that our first obligation is to make The Division awesome. That’s not something that ended on launch day. If it ever ends, who knows when, right?

“I do think we are much closer today, especially after [Update] 1.8, to the game that we wanted to create, and also to the game that gamers were expecting at launch already.”

Taking all of this into account, the prospect of there eventually being a sequel to The Division is not too surprising, especially considering the fact that Julian Gerighty, the game’s Associate Creative Director, explained a couple of years ago how Ubisoft sees the property as a franchise. Plus, with a movie based on the brand in development–starring Jake Gyllenhaal, no less–it would make sense for Ubisoft to have a sequel to the game ready so as to help promote the film, and vice-versa.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: IGN