The Division Sentry Gear Bug is Causing Problems in the Dark Zone

Ubisoft to Punish The Division Exploiters

A new exploit with the Sentry's Call Stalker talent in Tom Clancy's The Division rears its ugly head, giving players a massive advantage within the Dark Zone.

Unlike the month of March, which proved to be a record setting sales month for Tom Clancy's The Division, April marked a relative low point for the new IP. While the game continued to pull in big player numbers, glitches, bugs and exploits started to begin to undermine the experience for many. Many of the more pressing issues have been quickly eradicated by developer Massive Entertainment, but unfortunately for players, new issues seem to be found each week such as this newly discovered glitch tied to the Sentry Gear.

Released last month in the first major content update alongside the Falcon Lost incursion mission in The Division, gear sets allow players to collect various pieces of armor that provide additional bonuses for the more pieces you've collected. The Sentry's Call set is marksman favored, and provides the Stalker talent when all four pieces are worn. The talent marks an enemy after a headshot is scored, increasing damage to them by 15% for 10 seconds and up to three times each.

the division team standoff

This talent not only affects AI enemies, but human players in the Dark Zone as well. Unfortunately, players have discovered that this talent is not being reset upon death, so the stacked bonus damage indicator remains regardless if the gear owner or enemy players die. Currently, the only way to remove the mark is to completely log out of the game. This gives a massive and unfair advantage to players using the Sentry's Call gear set as they can score huge amounts of damage on any player with the marks on them over and over again.

Massive Entertainment has promised to not go easy on players who cheat using exploits within the game, but the bigger problem may be with the game itself. Recently, a networking expert revealed that the netcode being used in The Division would need to be completely reprogrammed in order to fully prevent further exploits and hacks, especially on the PC version. Couple that with the discoveries from another user regarding how the game handles lag compensation and the way it sends data across servers, and The Division appears to be in a bit of trouble.

Are you frustrated with the increasing number of bugs and exploits found within the game? Are you giving up on the title or waiting until most of this issues have been fixed? Let us know your thoughts down below in the comments.

Tom Clancy's The Division is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Reddit

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