The Division Sets Day 1 Sales Record for Ubisoft

The Division Day One Sales Record

Ubisoft confirms that The Division has set the publisher's new record for first day sales of both retail copies and digital downloads.

Ubisoft hasn't stated how many copies of The Division have been sold across both retail stores and the digital frontier, but the title has already set some impressive records for the company. In regards to Ubisoft's first-day sales, The Division has now claimed the record, overtaking the popular Assassin's Creed franchise which was recently knocked off its annual-release schedule.

The record was set for both retail copy and digital copies individually, proving that the massively successful open beta was a good indicator of interest for the game.

The massive success (so far) of The Division is great news for Ubisoft, which is currently fending off a hostile takeover from Vivendi. It looks like The Division is on the fast-track to being a commercial success, and this will help Ubisoft attract the investors it needs and keep Vivendi at bay. Regardless of the politics behind a well-timed successful launch, it looks like the game's release went over well with fans, even if it didn't come without server issues.

We've taken the liberty of crafting some guides for The Division, so players can easily find out how to level up quickly or earn plenty of Pheonix Credits. It's evident, though,  not every gamer needs a guide to get things done in Manhattan, as some gamers have already been able to reach the game's level cap.

Many gamers rushed through the game's story mode as well, allowing for a spoiler-free look at the end game content. Some may not be too happy to hear that the storyline content can be beaten in a single day of playing, but with plenty of Dark Zone multiplayer gameplay and incoming updates, it looks like Ubisoft has a plan to support the title throughout the coming year. Only time will tell if these investments will grant the title the staying power that was promised.

Unfortunately, press outlets weren't given early access copies of the game, so those waiting to read a review before picking up the game still have to sit tight. We'll have our own review up on the website once we've spent some more time in the pandemic-stricken streets of New York, and have a good feel of what score the game has earned.

What do you think about The Division, Ranters? Do you think Ubisoft is heading in a good direction with this title?

Tom Clancy's The Division is available now for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Source: Ubi Blog

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