One heroic agent in The Division dispatches some brutal justice to a rogue squadron who were preventing other agents from reaching a safehouse. It’s satisfying to watch.

Ubisoft Massive is now focussing on adding more content to the player-versus-environment portion of The Division, as without that aspect of the game, the vast majority of players are spending all of their time in the dangerous player-versus-player areas called Dark Zones. Lately, many rogue squadrons in The Division have taken to safehouse camping in these areas, which means they wait near safehouses, which agents usually only approach to restock while they’re at a vulnerable stage.

Of course, this is very frustrating for many players, as it puts them between a rock and a hard place: they need the supplies in the safehouse to keep themself safe, but in order to get there they’ll likely be ambushed. Sensing a chance to rid the streets of these campers, a player named Bassidable set out with gun in hand to do exactly that, coming out of the shadows like the Dark Knight himself (except, you know, killing people after).

Here’s the video of Bassidable wiping out said campers below, who end up begging for mercy by the end of the video:

Like a paragon of justice, Bassidable struck the entire squad down one at a time as their voice communications turned from angry jeers to panicked reaction. As the last camper is left begging for his agent’s digital life, his voice communications get satisfyingly snuffed out as his pleas are ignored by Bassidable: justice is served.

Although Bassidable deserves plenty of credit for cleaning up the streets, we have to say that the aim from the rogue squadron leaves much to be desired – one thing is certain, those trolls weren’t the ones hackers were complaining about. While the idea of picking off players when they’re likely at their weakest is obviously a logical tactical move, camping the safehouse is considered an in-game faux pas, though it isn’t against the rules of the game. At the very least, it isn’t as bad as the guy who kicks out his teammates near the end of every incursion. Evidently, there’s still plenty of justice that needs delivering.

Gamers thinking about testing out the Dark Zone again can look forward to a the upcoming 1.2 update, which has no shortage of gameplay balance changes. One thing is certain to stay the same, however: rogue agents will always find a way to exploit the weaker players, and other agents like Bassidable will always be there to strike them down. It’s the circle of life.

Have you encountered safehouse campers lately in The Division, Ranters?

The Division is out now and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: YouTube