Ubisoft teases that details on the first raid planned for Tom Clancy’s The Division will come in a Twitch livestream presentation to take place this coming Tuesday.

Tom Clancy’s The Division players that have already completed the game’s story missions, reached its level cap, and conquered the Dark Zone are likely chomping at the bit to play the game’s raids. While they still have to wait a few more weeks to actually play it, gamers can finally look forward to details on what The Division‘s first raid will entail as early as next Tuesday.

Ubisoft’s Twitch channel is reportedly planning a “Special Report” broadcast that will air this Tuesday, March 29th to discuss The Division‘s endgame raid contentThe Division‘s first raid, now known by the name Last Stronghold Operation, is specifically expected to be the focus of Tuesday’s presentation. However, Ubisoft’s livestream should also offer players an idea as to how raids in The Division will operate in general.

The Division faithful should be excited for Tuesday’s presentation, as Ubisoft has been somewhat vague when discussing the game’s future endgame content. All we know so far is that the raids are meant for players to face especially difficult enemies in order to gain high-level weapons and gear. Ubisoft has described The Division‘s raids as being designed with “squad play” in mind, but whether the size of that squad will be 8 players as previously rumored or consist of multiple groups has yet to be determined.

The Division Hutch Loot Farm

Besides revealing the first concrete details on the game’s endgame raid content, Tuesday’s presentation may also show off The Division‘s item trading feature. Massive Entertainment made the decision to withhold item trading from the game’s launch, but plans are to add it to the game in April’s update, along with the the game’s aforementioned first raid.

With the game’s first raid and item-trading being added, April’s content update appears to be rather significant, so it’s good that it’s not confined by The Division DLC Xbox One timed exclusivity deal. It would have been disappointing if players were unable to enjoy the raid content on other platforms at the same time as Xbox One owners, and it’s a good move by Ubisoft to have this content release for all systems at once as a free content update. It may even appease some PC and PS4 gamers that feel slighted by The Division‘s DLC dropping on Xbox One first.

In any case, fans of The Division should be sure to tune in to Ubisoft’s livestream this Tuesday, on The Division‘s official Twitch channel. The presentation promises to offer dedicated Division players the first hard details on how the game’s first raid will operate, and will also give gamers a better idea of what to expect with The Division‘s raids in general.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: GameSpot