Rumor Patrol: A post on Reddit seems to have leaked a late-game raid from The Division which would confirm multi-group raids within Ubisoft’s upcoming game.

The Division is due out in less than a month now, and news has begun pouring out fast and furious since the closed beta in late January. There’s plenty of reasons to get excited for The Division, and gamers may now have another one for the list: multi-group raids. A potential leak was posted on Reddit yesterday that detailed a supposed end-game, 8-player raid, but the post has been removed ever since it caught the attention of the masses.

The aforementioned post may be gone from the original source, but as with anything on the Internet, if it’s there for more than a minute chances are someone has archived it, and this is no different. If 8-player raids are real then that would mean two squads could team up to take on even greater challenges, reflecting what Game Director Ryan Barnard said about ‘group-plus content’ back in 2013.

According to the leak, the 8-player raid is titled Rikers Island, indicating that it will take place around New York’s main prison system. In The Division, the prison complex was overrun by its inmates shortly after a viral outbreak, and one of the three enemy factions from The Division apparently use it as their base of operations. Whilst 8 is the hypothetical maximum group size that players can join for the raid, it sounds like the game won’t say no if players attempt to raid the prison with less.

The Division Raid with 8 Players

The Rikers Island raid will reportedly offer two options in terms of difficulty: normal and hard. Each of these difficulty settings supposedly has a minimal level requirement, with normal having a level 27 minimum entry point and hard having a level 30 minimum. Aside from the basic level requirements, the potential leak says that players will have to complete two important story line quests within The Division to unlock the raid.

The now-deleted report on this potential raid comes with no official word from Ubisoft, so fans of The Division should wait for verification before getting their hopes up for more equally large raids. We’ll keep you posted if Ubisoft does respond to the rumor

At any rate, there’s no doubt Ubisoft plans to keep on building content for The Division for years, offering players reasons to return to the snowy streets of New York City. However, whether or not that replayability includes 8-player raids or not remains to be seen.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is scheduled to release on March 8th, 2016, for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Source: Reddit