The Division Public Test Server Goes Live This Week


After being delayed in order for Ubisoft Massive to work on "key features," The Division's Public Test Server gets an official release date for ETF members and the public.Ubisoft Massive recently announced The Division Public Test Server which would give players of the massively popular RPG ‘early access’ to various, in-development features. Set to be available for PC players only, the the Public Test Server – or PTS for short – is also envisioned as a way for the developer to get much-needed feedback on the game, rather than having to scramble to fix issues post-launch.

The announcement was followed by disappointment, though, as Ubisoft Massive revealed that the PTS had been delayed in order to work on “key features.” But it seems that whatever issues facing the servers have now been fixed with The Division Public Test Server release date being rescheduled for this week.

In an official livestream of The Division that took place earlier today, it was revealed that the PTS will be available in a testing capacity from September 22, 2016. Beginning at 9AM CEST, only players who are part of The Division’s Elite Task Force will be able to to get into the Public Test Server tests.


For those not lucky enough to be a member of the ETF, the public launch of The Division PTS is September 26. It’s also noted that a copy of The Division is needed to get into the PTS and unfortunately for those who have not yet picked up the game, this isn’t a repeat of the game's hugely successful beta testing rounds.

Moreover, it’s also explained that initially, PTS players will be given a fresh level 30 character to test The Division’s World Tier. In the second step (which begins in the second week of PTS availability), players can take on The Division’s 1.4 update with their own characters.

A third step, which currently doesn’t have a launch date attached, has also been described and players can expect to be given free items (including weapons and gear sets), though there’s no information on how these freebies will be given out either.

Ubisoft Massive’s PTS plans may seem rather complicated but overall, many will surely be glad that The Division is following in the footsteps of games like Overwatch, which also has a public test server for new content. This is especially the case as ongoing issues from launch led to The Division’s expansion packs being delayed, so it the Public Test Server can prevent that from happening again in future, then many players will be more than happy to try and keep up.

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