The Division Player Numbers Not as High as Ubisoft Originally Claimed

Ubisoft issues a revised statement regarding daily active user totals following the release of the game changing update 1.4 for Tom Clancy's The Division.

The lifespan of Tom Clancy's The Division has been a fascinating tale since it launched last March. The game was initially met with positivity from critics and fans alike, smashing records and reaching huge player numbers. Even with a number of content updates and first expansion, the game fell off track a bit due to a number of issues, something the developer worked on for months to fix. While update 1.4 breathed new life into the title and helped bring back much of the community, things may not be quite as good as Ubisoft initially reported.

Last week, Ubisoft’s VP of live operations Anne Blondel revealed that after the launch of update 1.4, the daily active users for The Division had returned to launch levels. Unfortunately, it appears that may have been incorrect as a revised statement from Blondel indicates that the numbers are not quite at that level, but are once again trending in a positive direction.

This was a miscommunication - what I meant to say is the numbers for The Division are trending back in a positive direction. Thanks to what we’ve seen with patch 1.4 and other updates the team has delivered.

Detailed numbers were not provided, but Ubisoft is hopeful that The Division can follow in the footsteps of Rainbow Six Siege, another game which has continued to exceed expectations with increasing engagement numbers even a year after launch. Things have gone so well for the title that Ubisoft even revealed a second year of content is on the way, introducing more maps, content, and operators to unlock. While The Division has seen a renewed upswing in popularity, this encouraging trend looks to continue into 2017 with another expansion still left to come.

The Division Survival Rogue Agent

While such a momentum swing in the opposite direction would normally spell doom for most titles, the extra time to fix bugs and gameplay issues has seemingly only helped the title. In an unorthodox move, Ubisoft sacrificed its post-launch schedule and risked upsetting the remaining fanbase in favor of taking the time to correct the game to where players expected it to be. It seems the move has paid off as the community is once again returning and the recent changes have been met with a positive response from players.

The most recent update introduced the second expansion known as Survival, adding a mode that significantly alters the way the game players. Players essentially start out with nothing and need to stay alive against not only enemies but a severe winter storm to extract medicine from the Dark Zone. It's up to players to forage for crafting supplies to create new gear, weapons, and other items in order to survive and extract with the needed anti-virals.

Have the recent updates and changes enticed you back or is it too little, too late? Let us know below in the comments.

Tom Clancy's The Division is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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