Massive Entertainment explains that it will be suspending and permanently banning the accounts of players that it discovers are cheating in The Division.

While Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners have mostly been able to play Tom Clancy’s The Division without having to worry about cheaters, PC gamers haven’t been as lucky. Massive Entertainment has acknowledged that the PC version of The Division is riddled with cheaters, and has announced how it will be punishing those that cheat in the game.

Cheaters will be eliminated fromĀ The Division based on reports from other players. Beginning with The Division‘s April 12th update, PC gamers will be able to report others they perceive to be cheating in the game. Massive Entertainment will then manually review the report, in order to verify that the person accused of cheating was in fact exploiting the game to have an unfair advantage against other players.

If Massive is able to confirm that the accused has cheated in The Division, their account will be suspended for three days. Once the three day suspension has been served, the cheating player will be given a second chance. If they are caught cheating a second time, then they will be permanently banned from playing The Division.

This system will be rolling out with the April 12th update, as previously stated, but expect the way Massive handles cheating in The Division to evolve over time. The company has stressed that a better solution to cheating is being developed that will replace the current system at some point in the future.

The Division 1 vs 8 Players

So, what constitutes cheating in The Division? Anyone hacking The Division to make themselves invincible, give themselves extra powerful weapons, and things of that nature are what will get players banned from playing the game. Players that take advantage of The Division‘s loot caves or other in-game exploits will not have to worry about their accounts being banned.

Having said that, as long as Division hackers stay out of the PvP Dark Zone, they may be able to get away with it until Massive implements an auto-flagging system. This is because players basically only see one another outside of the Dark Zone in safehouses (unless they are in groups), and it could be difficult to tell if someone is hacking the game in one of Manhattan’s safehouses.

At any rate, cheating in an online game is not considerate to others that paid to experience a fair and balanced game. It’s good to see Massive Entertainment be proactive with weeding out hackers, so that those trying to play the game as it was meant to be played can do so.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: VG 24/7