‘The Division’ Is Coming To PC, Xbox One Getting Exclusive Content

By | 3 years ago 

Quickly skyrocketing to the top of many most-anticipated lists since it was first revealed, The Division is one of the games currently being touted by major publishers that truly seems possible only on next-gen. But while Ubisoft has confirmed the game was being developed with Xbox One and PS4 in mind, a PC release was unconfirmed.

That’s all changed, as developer Massive Entertainment has confirmed that The Division will be coming to PC (see the video above). However, Ubisoft also revealed at Gamescom 2013 that exclusive content will be produced for the Xbox One both before and after release.

It’s odd to think that PC gamers need release a sigh of relief that they, too, will be able to enjoy the multiplayer-focused ‘infinite gameplay’ of The Division; as one of the first times that a Tom Clancy-branded game has stepped completely into the realm of RPG-level customization and varied gameplay, it would seem a no-brainer to release it on the platform which helped create the genre.

Regardless, we’ll take the good news as it comes. And for Xbox One owners, Ubisoft’s presence at Gamescom resulted in even more pleasant surprises, as the company announced that the Xbox One version of The Division would receive additional, exclusive content  – not just pre-order bonuses, but additional content post-release.

The Division PC Confirmed Xbox One Exclusive

No further details have been given thus far, but Microsoft’s attempts to tip the impending sales battle in their favor through landing exclusives aren’t showing any signs of stopping.

All in all, today has brought some good news and bad to those not planning on purchasing The Division for the Xbox One. Those who have taken a stance against the Xbox One (even if some might consider doing so unfair) will be less than pleased to see just how much exclusive content will be coming to the console, and nowhere else, but let’s not forget: any extra deals made for new, interesting IPs like those coming from Ubisoft could be seen as a good thing.

Let us know what you think of the PC release and Xbox One exclusive content in the comments below, and stay tuned to Game Rant for more coverage of Gamescom 2013.


The Division is expected to release in the second half of 2014 for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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