A gaming fan who happens to have early access to The Division‘s beta reveals the size of the test for Ubisoft’s action-MMO as being over 26 gigabytes on PC.

Devoted The Division fan and Reddit user that goes by the handle “legate213” has posted a screenshot of their UPlay download of the beta file for Ubisoft’s action-MMO, and its size weighs in at exactly 26.25 gigabytes. As some gamers may recall, the game’s Xbox One closed alpha gameplay test back in December was roughly the same size as the forthcoming beta.

Although the Redditor has already pre-loaded the test for what is apparently a private session set for tomorrow, players who have been approved for the official The Division beta on PC will take part in it on January 29, with access beginning on the same date for PlayStation 4 users. However, Microsoft fans will get a 24-hour advance on gamers partaking in the test on other platforms, as the beta date for Xbox One is set for January 28.

Considering the plethora of options seen from the recent PC graphics options leak out of one of The Division‘s alpha gameplay videos, the whopping size of the beta on PC makes plenty of sense, even though it’s just for a 3 day test. After all, not only do the graphical choices on the platform have 55-56 FPS in the city on low settings and offer an ability to enable wind-affected snow, but they also allow fans to increase or decrease even more minute aspects such as the quality of individual objects’ details.


On top of the PC iteration’s choices in graphics adding to the beta file’s effects, the map size itself seems to be pretty substantial too, if not just for the actual parameters of The Division‘s Manhattan setting, but the environment’s highly-detailed intricacies as well. Not to mention, the fact that the beta will also be hosting a PvP-enabled area known as the Dark Zone — as seen in this video featuring 50 minutes of gameplay — shows that the 26.25GB test will be chock-full of assets.

At any rate, with not long to go before The Division finally releases, it’s obvious that excitement is mounting for the game to finally become available. And with any luck, hopefully the title’s beta starting next week will provide additional evidence as to why the action-MMO is considered to be one of the most anticipated video games of 2016.

What do you think about The Division‘s PC beta file size? Do you believe that your rig will be able to run Ubisoft’s forthcoming release? Let us know you thoughts in the comments below.

The Division is set to release on March 8, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit (via VG 24/7)