In addition to gear sets and the Underground DLC, Ubisoft officially announces that The Division will receive major weapon balancing in the next update.

The Division initially offered a great deal of promise, but many gamers have been disheartened by the game’s number of exploits, glitches, and overall poor balance. While The Division’s playerbase has dropped drastically, Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment are still hard at work trying to fix some of the most irritating problems in the game, including unbalanced weapons.

The Division is expecting a major update by the end of the month, which will bring with it the first paid DLC, Underground, new gear, and the promise of better-balanced weapons. The State of the Game post has announced that the update will bring ‘significant weapon balancing’ to the game. It went on to indicate that this update should allow for gamers to be more effective with weapons they enjoy using, which seems to hint that the balance is more about improving sub-par weapons rather than weakening overpowered weapons.

Unfortunately, the post didn’t provide further information regarding which weapons would be getting tweaked, but it did indicate that gamers could expect to hear more specifics soon. Updates like these are always a double-edged sword for players, whether they improve weapons that are under-powered and rarely used, or weaken weapons that are overpowered, like the high-end Midas submachine gun once was. While balance is a good thing, players’ loadouts will inevitably be affected, and not always for the better.

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Maintaining a level playing field is a big deal in The Division, since a big selling point of the game is the PvP Dark Zone. Of course, keeping weapons balanced is only one small part of the bigger picture; hackers have made the game a living hell for legitimate players, and many have said that not enough has been done to combat them. Ubisoft’s attempts to balance the game and fix exploits haven’t been entirely successful, either, sometimes requiring The Division‘s servers to go down multiple times in succession in order to fix problems. However, Ubisoft recently announced that they were cracking down on cheaters, and that cheaters will be banned from The Division on a first offense. While this will probably cut down on the number of players that cheat, it’s sadly coming months into the release of the game after many have already abandoned it due to frustrating encounters with cheaters.

The Division was upheld as one of the most promising games of 2016, but many gamers now feel that it’s too late to fix what’s wrong with The Division. With its rough track record thus far, Ubisoft will have to continue working hard to balance the game and squash cheaters if it wants to prove that The Division‘s paid DLC is worth gamers’ hard-earned cash.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The next update will arrive on June 28th.

Source: Tom Clancy’s The Division Blog