After Tom Clancy’s The Division‘s 1.0.2 patch went live, the Dark Zone punishment feature for XP and DZ funds did not, resulting in a wave of players going rogue.

After Ubisoft announced that the first major post-launch patch was coming this week for Tom Clancy’s The Division, gamers were looking forward to the number of planned fixes. From the promise of improved rewards and lesser Dark Zone penalties to a series of bug fixes, there was much to look forward to in the planned 1.0.2 patch for The Division. Unfortunately, the patch was launched broken on the server side, and to the delight of all Dark Zone loot hunters, there was one unplanned – and game-breaking – feature that came with patch 1.0.2.

When patch 1.02 went live, the The Division‘s usual Dark Zone punishments were nowhere to be found. With no Dark Zone fund or experience penalty upon dying or going Rogue, this had the effect of turning the Dark Zone into a war-zone filled with Rogue agents. With players going Rogue faster than the spread of the Green Poison outbreak, there is no doubt that everyone in the Dark Zone was rethinking their solo player build for maximum loot gain.

In an attempt to fix everything, Ubisoft reset The Division‘s servers at around 6:05 PT. Whether this will fix this game-breaking feature remains to be seen.

the division dark zone map

This accidental loss of Dark Zone punishments is an interesting side-effect to what was an ambitious patch from Ubisoft. Aside from the aforementioned reward and punishment balances, and the usual bug fixes, Ubisoft planned to patch a few popular glitches that players were exploiting, such as removing the Bullet King loop, and possibly removing the popular Loot Cave exploit.

What’s intriguing is that patch 1.02 initially carried more changes, until Ubisoft removed them at the last minute. Part of the original plan for patch 1.02 was to add a tier system for Phoenix Credit drops, but Ubisoft removed the feature due to client stability issues. Based on the recent events regarding the Dark Zone, it appears that there were more things wrong with the patch than the Phoenix Credits.

Of course, this is far from the first time that The Division has encountered issues. After some PC launch day server issues, Ubisoft announced that a regular server maintenance plan has been implemented in order to fix any outstanding issue. While those server issues didn’t prevent The Division from setting first-week sales records, this Dark Zone problem is a different issue altogether, and hopefully something that Ubisoft can fix in a timely manner.

News of this broken patch is sure to knock some of the wind out of Ubisoft’s sails, but hopefully not enough to dislodge The Divsion from its spot as Xbox One’s most popular online game.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.