The Division‘s Update 1.1 patch releases, but instead of accessing the new Incursions content, some gamers are reporting that their Agents have been deleted.

The Division has seen its share of bugs since its launch, but the latest one is leaving many gamers extremely upset. The latest patch is apparently having an unintended consequence, deleting gamers’ agents entirely from the game.

Posting to The Division subreddit, one player of The Division on Xbox One complained that his character, with 150 hours of play time, simply vanished after installing The Division‘s Update 1.1 patch and restarting the game. Since then, dozens of players on the Xbox One have chimed in, also having lost their characters entirely. The Division‘s developer, Massive Entertainment, is aware of the problem, and is taking reports on the subreddit to try and narrow down what’s causing the problem.

Unfortunately for Xbox One players, there’s no specific information at this time to help gamers to avoid this problem. Some Redditors have said that they encountered a Delta or Mike error message prior to restarting the game or shutting down their Xbox One, and that when they next started up The Division their character was gone. However, other players have stated that they’ve received these error messages on shutdown from day one of the game’s release, so it remains unclear if this error message has any ties to the problem.

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While bugs that inconvenience gamers like The Division‘s daily missions being broken are pretty typical for a game of this size and scope, some of The Division‘s problems are unforgiveable. Massive Entertainment only just recently discovered the cause of some players being entirely locked out of The Division, nearly a whole month after the game launched. While Massive has promised to heavily penalize or even ban gamers who are found cheating or employing glitches to progress in The Division, so far they’ve had a lackluster performance in fixing problems that prevent players from playing the game entirely, or from losing their hard-earned progress in the game.

With any luck, this problem will be fixed quickly and Xbox One gamers will be able to access the game again. It’s reasonable to presume that there are regular backups made on the game’s servers, so hopefully the Agents these gamers have lost are intact, just inaccessible for the moment. However, as with most backups, there’s no guarantee that every minute of the player’s progress has been saved; some may have to roll back to a slightly earlier iteration of their character.

The Division has received rave reviews from gamers and reviewers alike, but due to its online-only gameplay, many gamers have been left completely unable to play¬†The Division due to the login bug or this latest mishap. Massive Entertainment and Ubisoft created a game that is fun to play and rivals games like Destiny, but blunders like these are tarnishing The Division‘s¬†reputation.

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The Division is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit