The Division Update 1.5 Patch Notes Released

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With the Survival expansion launching today for Tom Clancy’s The Division on Xbox One and PC, Ubisoft releases the full list of changes arriving in update 1.5.

After going under the radar for a of couple months, Tom Clancy's The Division received a much needed shot in the arm four weeks ago with the arrival of update 1.4. The update not only fixed a number of issues and bugs that had been hurting the overall experience, it also introduced a ton of game changing features like improving the time to kill ratio, reworked gear sets, and world tiers which change the global enemy difficulty levels to better align with the player. With the heavy lifting now out of the way, Ubisoft continues the recent momentum by releasing update 1.5 and the Survival expansion for players today.

While update 1.5 isn't quite as game changing as the last patch, it does include the second paid expansion as well as a wealth of fixes and changes. The biggest feature for many is the Survival expansion, which introduces a brand new gameplay mode. Survival offers players a more hardcore experience inside of a modified version of Manhattan complete with survival mechanics and perma death. As players work either together or alone in order to survive in harsh conditions, they'll need to make it to the Dark Zone to  find the cure and extract it against heavily armed enemies.

The Division Survival Rogue Agent

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Players not wanting to spend money on Survival will still see a number of benefits with this update as well. A new list of bug fixes have been eradicated in 1.5 as well as a number of balance changes to skills, gear sets, and weapons. Vendors, loot crates, mission rewards, and drops now all scale with the selected world tier, and enemies now have a chance to drop crafting supplies as well. Named gear items such as Ferro's Oxygen Mask and Colonel Bliss’ holster have been added into the game each containing a unique talent. These powerful items can only befound in the newly added World Tier 5 bracket, or from Survival Mode.

Interestingly enough, update 1.5 isn't available on all platforms. While Ubisoft and Microsoft have a longstanding deal in place which grants Xbox and PC users early access to The Division expansions, PlayStation 4 users won't be seeing the non-expansion content in this update right away either. As of right now, Ubisoft has not confirmed when update 1.5 will be rolling out to PS4 users, only saying that more information will be coming soon.

Have you returned to the game after all of these major updates or have you moved on to other things for good? Let us know what your thoughts are on the matter in our comments below.

Tom Clancy's The Division is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: The Division Website

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