YouTube user Arekkz Gaming gives players a look at the newest story mission set in the New York underground in Tom Clancy’s The Division which is now active in the open beta.

It’s only been a few weeks since gamers last got to enter the world of The Division, a game set in New York after a biological attack struck during Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year. The closed beta test not only allowed players to enter the popular PvP enabled Dark Zone, but it also gave people a chance to experience one of the story missions set within Madison Square Garden. With the open beta now live on all platforms, Ubisoft is giving players an opportunity to experience another story based mission as well.

The new mission known as the Subway Morgue introduces players to the Tech Wing of the base of operations and tasks them with rescuing Paul Rhodes, an engineer who can help open up Tech operations for you. Players will square off against one of the new enemy factions in the game called The Cleaners, who are obsessed with eradicating the disease through the use of flamethrowers. The group wears a distinctive gas mask along with a sanitation worker style outfit.

Completing this mission also allows players to explore tech upgrades from the skill tree, which includes a deployable turret. In addition, Ubisoft has patched in a number of gameplay changes and bug fixes to go along with the open beta, which does include a few changes to the Dark Zone. More high level enemies have been added to the area, ensuring that players always have something to shoot at if they don’t feel like taking on rogue agents. Players who do opt to fight against their fellow players by going rogue will find that the bounty rewards for outlasting the countdown timer have been increased, and now players will need to do significant damage to another player before they’re considered rogue. This should help cut down on the amount of time that players accidentally get tagged as a hostile user.

Missions are designed to give players plenty of tactical options before entering combat through what Ubisoft is calling ‘lanes.’ In a recent video, the third story mission, which isn’t available in the beta, was shown off including the multiple ways players can choose to engage opponents. For gamers who enjoy long distance fighting, typically there will be a spot to perch and take pot shots, while other players may favor a flanking route to get behind a group.

Are you currently playing the open beta? Which story mission do you like better, the medical or tech wing mission? Let us know in the comments.

Tom Clancy’s The Division releases on March 8, 2016 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Arekkz Gaming