The Division's Big November Update Dated for PS4


Ubisoft Massive confirms the release date for its hotly anticipated update of The Division on PS4, assuring fans on PlayStation that the update will arrive this month.

After months of hemorrhaging players and a developer working feverishly to fix a broken game, Tom Clancy’s The Division is once again thriving. Last month, Ubisoft Massive released update 1.4 for The Division, which fixed many bugs and balanced numerous features in the game. Then last week, the developer released a new update, Patch 1.5, on PC and Xbox One, which received a positive reception from both platforms.

Unfortunately for PlayStation 4 owners, the 1.5 update for The Division was delayed, with Massive saying it hoped to get it out before the end of the month. With only three days left in November, some PS4 players were starting to worry, but thanks to a new Tweet from Ubisoft, PS4 owners have a reason to celebrate. Update 1.5 for The Division will release tomorrow, November 29th, for PlayStation 4.

It’s important to note that the update will not include everything PC and Xbox One owners received last week. In particular, the next DLC, dubbed Survival, won’t launch until December 22nd for PlayStation 4. This is due to an exclusivity deal between Ubisoft and Xbox for each new DLC to release one month early on Xbox One before PlayStation 4.


That said, there are plenty of new and exciting updates coming to PlayStation 4 with the 1.5 update. First of all, Update 1.5 will introduce World Tier 5 to The Division for PS4 players. The new World Tier brings level 34 enemies to the world, and increases the gear score cap to 256. So while PlayStation 4 players have to wait for Survival to release next month, they’ll have plenty to do as they work to acquire 256 gear and weapons and put together the gear sets they want within the game.

In addition to the new World Tier, Update 1.5 brings new high-end gear and weapon variants for gamers to find and use. These high-end items are not part of a gear set, but instead have their own talents that make them useful to players looking to enhance their builds. There are also four named high-end gear items that can be acquired in the game and offer unique bonuses that will be extremely useful to players. In fact, PC and Xbox One players have already discovered that one of these new named pieces, Barrett’s Bulletproof Vest, is extraordinarily powerful and a must-have for many players. There’s little doubt many PlayStation 4 players will begin grinding for the chest piece once the update drops tomorrow.

The Division Survival Rogue Agent

The update also fixes a handful of bugs and issues in the game, and looks to provide some additional balancing to enemies and players.

Are you looking forward to The Division 1.5 Update on PS4 tomorrow?

Tom Clancy’s The Division is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Twitter

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