Massive Entertainment’s Community Manager explains why The Division‘s stash size won’t be increased in the 1.2 update, but some take issue with the reasoning.

The Division has had a lot of problems that have upset its player base since launch, including the limit on storage space. Massive Entertainment’s Community Manager has announced that gamers can’t expect relief in the 1.2 update, but one gamer isn’t buying the reason why.

Although backpack space is fairly limited in The Division, the player’s stash – the inventory system that’s accessible from the base and any other safe house – isn’t much better. Massive Entertainment Community Manager Yannick Banchereau spoke up on Reddit, explaining that the team was aware that increasing the size of players’ stashes was one of the most requested features, but that the change wouldn’t be coming in The Division‘s 1.2 update. In short, Yannick explained that the change would be fairly complex to execute, and that simply increasing the stash size for all players would put a huge amount of strain on the game’s servers.

Since then, however, another Redditor has come forward who professes to have experience with handling game data and claims that Banchereau’s reasoning is flawed. Banchereau pointed out that storing a single piece of gear could potentially require increasing player data by up to 7 slots, since equipment can have mods attached to them. Redditor Subodai85 claims that this amount of data it shouldn’t cause a huge strain on the network, and that if the programmers can’t easily increase the stash size, the game’s data structure is severely inefficient. In addition, Subodai85 points out that gamers have been asking for an increase to stash size since the game began, and the delay to do so is unacceptable.

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Unfortunately, Subodai85’s belief that the only excuse for this is poor programming might actually be correct. The way a player used their inventory and stored items was one of the triggers for gamers being locked out of The Division, which has thankfully since been patched. In addition, a network expert has spoken out about the game, indicating that The Division is poorly programmed in comparison to other modern multiplayer titles, which is why the game is riddled with hackers and cheats.

The Division‘s PC player base has dropped by 81% since the game released just over two months ago, and thus far the first Incursion hasn’t done much to revitalize the game. Since part of The Division‘s core appeal is that players can change their skills and character focus at any time, it makes sense to keep extra equipment to for each play style. In addition, it becomes more important to collect gear as the player reaches endgame, since new gear is necessary to increase one’s gear score. Unfortunately, the lack of inventory and stash space is a big hindrance, and players often find themselves needing to sell or discard good equipment because they don’t have any other choice.

It remains to be seen if the programmers at Massive Entertainment can turn The Division around. The Division‘s players have been subjected to more than their fair share of bugs, including complete lock-outs, chaos in the Dark Zone, and broken daily missions. Whatever the true reason is for the most-wanted changes not coming out quickly, it’s only a matter of time before the remaining player base becomes fed up and moves on to something else.

The Division is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit