One devoted fan of Ubisoft’s acclaimed multiplayer online shooter The Division decides to overlay the map of the game with a real-world map of New York City.

With the recent release of multiplayer shooter/MMO hybrid The Division, Ubisoft has attempted to recreate an iconic real-world location. Setting the game in New York City, the developer decided to deliver a version of the much-loved metropolis on the brink of collapse. Now, one gamer has compared the in-game version to the real-life New York.

Specifically, The Division player Feanauro decided to overlay the game map of the popular multiplayer title with the Google Map of New York City itself. After completing the first step of this project, the user took to Reddit to post their findings. This dedicated and impressive feat showcases exactly how much of the city Ubisoft used in the creation of the game world.

Speaking on their findings, Feanauro explained that Ubisoft had made some “simplifications” in comparison to the real Midtown Manhattan location, such as the exclusion of some streets from the game. This has led to some “inconsistencies or visual anomalies,” with one such example being the aspect ratio of certain Dark Zone landmarks. Because of this, Feanauro did not reproduce the border of the Dark Zone entirely faithfully, instead keeping it close to the major streets.

The Division New York Skyline

Apparently, there is still more to come with this map project. Feanauro has suggested that PvE neighbourhoods may be added in future, alongside resource locations where players can find weapon parts and tools. However, the Reddit user is not planning to add boss locations or side missions any time soon.

Feanauro’s work on the project both showcases exactly how big the map of The Division truly is, but also the scale of New York City in real life. Although the game map of the title is still fairly impressive, there is huge untapped potential for the rest of New York City to be explored by players going forwards. At the moment, though, players will find plenty of action in its MMO combat and thrilling story.

There may, however, be plenty more overlay work to be done in future. After all, the launch version of The Division includes but a fraction of what Ubisoft has planned with the title overall. The game did not include Brooklyn at launch, but the New York borough is going to be available to players going forwards. Looks like Feanauro may have more work to do in the coming months, as more content for the title sees release in the future.

The Division is out now for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Source: Reddit, Google Maps