Following in the example of those who glitched into Tom Clancy’s The Division‘s Last Stronghold Operation raid area, one player discovers what may be another raid location.

Now that Tom Clancy’s The Division has been out for a few weeks, players have had more than enough time to explore every inch of the game’s New York City map. But it appears that The Division‘s huge map isn’t enough for some players, and a number of players have started using glitches and tricks to explore beyond the game’s normal confines. This has lead to some interesting discoveries and some not-so-interesting discoveries, such as the dead-end tunnel in the Last Stronghold area. However, the latest glitch-assisted discovery from one player has proven to be one of most intriguing yet.

YouTuber King Gothalion spent some time exploring the north-western edges of the map near the Dante’s Run safe-house, and he managed to glitch himself into a new area using the mobile cover skill. Rather than discovering something akin to the Last Stronghold’s underwhelming dead-end tunnel, this north-western dock area is essentially-completed, and completely available for exploration.

More intriguingly, this newly discovered dock area contains a massive battleship in the background. Given that multi-group raids are expected to be introduced into The Division soon, there has been some speculation over where these future Operations are going to take place. Based on the amount of completed assets present in this sizable walled-off area, there is potential for some exciting PvE shenanigans, and Ubisoft probably would rather use this battleship location for a future raid rather than let it sit untouched.

For those wanting to know how to glitch themselves into what may be the next Operation raid area, check out King Gothalion’s video right here.

It’s not just this battleship area that has been discovered in a near-complete state. Just a few weeks ago, some players have managed to find a fully explorable secret Central Park area, indicating that Ubisoft definitely has something up its sleeve regarding The Division‘s post-launch DLC content. With large chunks of The Division‘s map locked off and yet in a playable state of completion, it’s definitely not outside the realm of possibility that currently inaccessibly areas – like Brooklyn – are being saved for future Operation raids or DLC expansions.

While we can speculate all we want as to what’s in store for The Division‘s endgame raid content, we’ll just have to wait until next week for Ubisoft’s raid “Special Report” broadcast.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: YouTube