In addition to the new Incursion mission and a series of bug fixes, The Division‘s upcoming 1.2 update will also include a brand new Dark Zone bracket.

After Tom Clancy’s The Division set a day one sales record for Ubisoft back in March, that initial wave of enthusiasm has waned considerably ever since. Due to a recent string of controversies involving hackers, cheaters, and players getting punished for using exploits, The Division has seen an alarming drop in player numbers – particularly PC users. However, Ubisoft Massive have now revealed a batch of upcoming changes which may help the troubled game reclaim some of its lost player base.

During a recent Twitch stream, the Massive development team revealed a number of details that are coming in this month’s 1.2 patch, and one of the most interesting takeaways was the announcement of a brand new Dark Zone bracket. However, this new addition won’t be for the faint of heart – or for the poorly equipped.

This new Dark Zone bracket is for players with a DZ rank of 200 and above, and the NPC enemy levels will be between 32 and 34. However, with a greater challenge comes greater high-end loot, and players can expect to get drops with a Gear Score between 204 to 240. In addition to better gear, this new Dark Zone bracket will also only drop high-end Division Tech, something that’s bound to appease players who weren’t happy about the crafting system getting nerfed.


While The Division‘s recent troubles have caused some to declare the game as irreparably broken, it definitely appears that Ubisoft Massive is taking big steps in an attempt to salvage the situation with the upcoming 1.2 patch. Not only are the developers trying to inject new life into The Division‘s PvP component with this new Dark Zone bracket, players can also expect a new challenge in the form of the new Broken Circle Incursion mission.

In addition to Ubisoft Massive’s plans for the Dark Zone, the developer has previously stated that the wheels are in motion to reinvigorate the PvE open world areas of the game, although details on how it will do this have yet to be revealed.

Let’s just hope that the May update will indeed reinvigorate The Division, and all the problems that we saw with the April update will be a thing of the past.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Twitch