A beta client update for The Division reveals the main changes coming to the open beta next week, along with new content like an additional story mission and skill unlock.

By all accounts and purposes, the closed beta test for Ubisoft’s highly anticipated RPG shooter, The Division, was a big success. Not only did the beta experience mass demand which forced Ubisoft to extend the test by 24 hours, but thanks to the PvP enabled Dark Zone areas, it was a game that was also heavily featured on social media sites like Twitter and Twitch. In preparation of next weeks just announced open beta, Ubisoft has released an update for The Division’s closed beta client, giving fans an early look at some of the new content they can expect.

The biggest addition to the open beta is another story mission to participate in centered around the tech wing. While the closed beta only featured one story mission around saving a doctor and opening the medical wing of the base of operations, this new mission will take players underground to find an engineer who’s been captured by one of the enemy factions in the game known as the cleaners. Completing this mission will also give players an opportunity to use the new deployable turret skill.

The Division Beta Update

Outside of the new content, numerous updates and improvements have also been added including a number of tweaks for the popular Dark Zone area. The biggest change is that players will no longer instantly go Rogue by shooting another players. During the beta, it was quite easy for players ton go rogue by accidentally shooting a teammate or another player who may have walked in front during a firefight. With this change, players will need to cause a certain amount of damage before the rogue status is enabled.

Rogue agents will now see their countdown timer pause instead of refresh for new player kills. To help entice more players to turn into a rogue agent, the reward for surviving a manhunt now grants 1.5x the bounty. What’s even better is that new legendary weapons have been added to the Dark Zone store as well, making the upgraded reward a welcomed addition. For an added challenge, the Dark Zone has also gotten populated with more AI enemies and they’ve received a buff as well becoming tougher to take down.

For a complete list of updates and changes, the entire patch notes can be seen here.

Thanks to player feedback, Ubisoft has been able to isolate and fix a lot of glitches and bugs, something that would have been nearly impossible to accomplish just through internal testing. While the beta period helped find new issues, especially with the PC platform, Ubisoft Massive was able to crunch the numbers and put out a really informative infographic. According to the numbers, players were able to accumulate an impressive 298,031,224 kills during the weekend session along with closing over 7 billion car doors as well. Unsurprisingly, 87% of players who entered the Dark Zone went rogue as well.

Tom Clancy’s The Division hits store shelves on March 8, 2016 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: The Division Reddit