During the ‘State of the Game’ Twitch livestream for Tom Clancy’s The Division, community developer Hamish Bode explains that new daily challenge missions are coming.

Once Agents reach the current PvE level cap of 30 in The Division, one of the only remaining things for gamers to do outside of the Dark Zone is to participate in daily challenge missions. For gamers who are dedicated to grinding away at those daily missions, good news was revealed today: more challenge missions are on their way.

The news broke during a State of the Game livestream held on Twitch by The Division‘s community developer Hamish Bode. Although the mention was brief, Hamish explained that new daily challenge missions would be coming to the game in the future. However, he didn’t provide any specifics about when the new missions would be coming, so they may or may not take a backseat to the upcoming Operations update.

While sooner would be better, the news of new challenge missions probably comes as a pleasant surprise to anyone grinding away in The Division. At the moment, only four missions are currently available to be replayed on the Challenge difficulty. However, gamers continue to repeatedly play them despite the missions becoming stale, because successfully competing a daily challenge mission will always reward the player with one high-end piece of gear. Gamers have become even more willing to repeat the same missions since The Division‘s 1.0.2 update increased the quality of the loot dropped by named enemies in challenge missions.

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It’s not absolutely necessary for gamers to grind the daily missions in order to acquire high-end gear, but the alternatives require luck, PvP combat, or both. The only other ways to acquire this gear are with Dark Zone currency or through occasional appearances at certain vendors.

Whether the new challenge missions come soon or not, gamers who’ve already reached endgame should have more to look forward to soon. The Operations update will be released for free next month, and another free content update is coming in May. During the livestream, Hamish also noted that changes will be made to division tech, and through a variety of glitches, gamers have been discovering unused areas in The Division that may be later utilized in raids or DLC, so plenty of new content is in the works.

There’s a lot ahead for Agents of The Division to look forward to in the months to come. Hopefully, Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment will continue to show the game this level of support far into the future so that there’s always fresh content on the horizon for gamers.

The Division is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Twitch