Multiple players of The Division complain that they’re not receiving the bonuses they were promised for pre-ordering the game or playing the alpha or beta builds.

The Division hasn’t exactly had the smoothest launch ever, and it seems the problems plaguing its players aren’t over yet. Multiple gamers are now reporting that they haven’t been awarded the in-game bonus items they were promised.

According to multiple posts across the official Ubisoft forum and The Division subreddit, many gamers have not yet received the hazmat suit that was to be awarded to them as a bonus for pre-ordering the game at select retailers. Gamers who have entered the code to receive their bonus have either received an error message upon entering the code or discovered that the hazmat suit wasn’t awaiting them once they went to the rewards vendor in-game. Others have reported that the items that were supposed to be available from the rewards vendor for playing the alpha or beta builds of The Division aren’t there, either.

A representative from Ubisoft has commented on the matter, stating that the team is aware of the situation and working on a solution. Some gamers have stated that they seem to be receiving some of their bonuses in waves, so the server may simply be struggling under the load of thousands of players submitting codes to receive bonuses all at once.

Assuming that all players who are eligible for the hazmat suit bonus eventually receive it, this is only a minor inconvenience. However, it just adds on to the myriad of problems that The Division has had since its launch yesterday. The PC version of The Division has had server problems, and gamers with Nvidia cards have discovered that the latest GPU drivers cause severe problems in the game. This is particularly disheartening since Ubisoft pushed the perks of Nvidia technology in the PC version of The Division prior to its release.

the division dark zone map

Most games don’t have a perfect launch, especially when multiplayer online play is a major component of the game in question. However, it does seem that the developers overlooked some potential problems in-game as well. Griefers have been making playing The Division unpleasant for others by body-blocking the doors to saferooms in the Dark Zone. Unfortunately, this is not one of the things that was included in The Division‘s day one patch.

The Division‘s problems will surely smooth out in time, but for now, it’s understandable if gamers are feeling a bit irritated. One can only hope that since Ubisoft is aware of the situation that they’ll find a solution to resolve the problem soon and find a way to make sure gamers are getting the loot they were promised.

The Division is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: VG247