A pair of Reddit users use math and map overlays to determine the full size of the map in The Division, as well as how much space the Dark Zone encompasses.

Some players have expressed concerns over Tom Clancy’s The Division after playing the game’s recent closed beta. Chief among those concerns is worry that the game’s map size will not be very large and have a general lack of content. While we can’t speak on content, it’s safe to say that worries about the map in The Division being small are largely unfounded.

This is thanks to calculations done by Reddit user MickGasm. By overlaying the beta map with an image of the full map released by Ubisoft, he was able to determine that area in The Division‘s beta consisted of roughly 22% of the map that will be available to explore in the game come launch.

For a visual representation of the size of the beta map compared to the size of the map to be available in the full game, check out MickGasm’s overlay image below. Note that the blue area represents the full game map, whereas purple is indicative of the size of the map that could be explored in the beta.

How Much of The Division's Map Was Featured in the Beta - Division map grid view

Another Reddit user by the name of blidside took it upon himself to determine how much of the map that the Dark Zone will encompass. Those that didn’t enjoy the Dark Zone should be happy to discover that it only takes up about 17% of the overall map that will be available in the final game.

Based on the data reported by blidside and MickGasm, it seems as though people excited for The Division shouldn’t have to worry about the game being too small. The beta itself was sizable, and knowing that it only allowed players to explore 22% of the game’s map is impressive.

However, the question still remains:  Will there be enough content within this map to keep players engaged? Some that played the beta have argued that there’s not enough content in The Division, but that could just be a result of the beta restricting access to certain features. Perhaps if the rumors of a Division open beta later this month turn out to be true, we’ll have a chance to see a more accurate representation of what the final game has to offer.

Regardless, those worried about the map size after the recent report comparing The Division‘s map with Grand Theft Auto 5‘s map can rest easy. Even though Brooklyn won’t be in the game at launch and players will be restricted to mainly exploring Manhattan, it appears as though there’s still plenty of space to cover. Hopefully Ubisoft is able to fill that space with compelling content to make The Division‘s open world live up to its full potential.

Tom Clancy’s The Division will be available on March 8th for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: WCCF Tech