For a third time this week, Ubisoft brings The Division servers down for maintenance in order to fix a couple of nagging issues that appeared after update 1.2 released.

It’s been a busy week for Tom Clancy’s The Division as the latest free update called Conflict just launched for players. Within it, a new incursion mission called Clear Sky was added, along with new gear sets to collect, and a host of additional changes intended to improve the quality of life for players. Unfortunately, this Conflict followed in the same footsteps of the April update and introduced a number of glitches and bugs. Once more, Massive Entertainment has brought down the servers to correct some of the nagging issues.

Yet again this week, Massive Entertainment is bringing down the servers for maintenance and to apply a new hot fix to the game. The patch is aiming to fix a recent bug that allowed players to obtain the reward for killing a high value target even though they failed the mission. In addition, some blueprints at the Dark Zone vendor had their rank requirements set incorrectly and have been bumped back up to Rank 80.

The servers are now down for maintenance. Downtime ~ 2 hours. Patch Notes >>
— The Division (@TheDivisionGame) May 27, 2016

The server maintenance has been a constant struggle for players as this represents the third time they’ve been switched off this week alone. The first occurred on Tuesday, a mere few hours after Update 1.2 launched, and then again yesterday to address the broken daily assignments, a problem which the game has seen before.

While the speed to fix various smaller glitches and bugs has been relatively quick, the major issues plaguing the game currently have yet to be addressed. There are still a couple of major issues that are negatively impacting players since the free update arrived including a nasty UI bug which adds another layer to the screen, preventing players from selecting certain things and adding input lag as well.

To make matters worse, reports have been flooding in regarding a bug that removes characters completely after Update 1.2 is applied, something that similarly happened with the content update last month as well. While Ubisoft continues to investigate the problem, hopefully the fix is as easy as it seemed the first time, correcting the synchronization from the client side to the server side where the player characters are stored.

How do you feel about these down times? Are you glad Massive is addressing issues so quickly, or would you rather they wait for a bigger update instead of so many little ones? Sound off below in the comments.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Ubisoft Forums