A developer for The Division announces that a patch for the login glitch is coming, and offers some advice to prevent it from happening to those who still can login.

While the majority of players of The Division can play the game without any problems, there is a subset of players who can’t even login due to a game-breaking glitch. Thankfully, the developers at Massive Entertainment appear to have narrowed down the problem, and are working on a fix.

The login glitch has baffled gamers and the developers of The Division alike, and both have been hard at work trying to narrow down the cause. While affected players still have to wait a while for the fix, a developer did come forward today to explain that they’ve finally discovered the cause behind the game breaking glitch, and should be releasing a patch as soon as possible. In addition, while high-end backpacks were previously considered to be to blame for players not being able to login, the developer had this advice to prevent others from being hit by the login glitch:

“In the meantime, we would like to advise you not to attach mods on items you are not using.”

Theories varied on what was causing the glitch, ranging from high-end gear to crafting items to having a too-full inventory upon logging out. However, it appears that it actually has something to do with mods on items that aren’t equipped. Whether or not this includes armor and weapons that were once equipped and have subsequently been unequipped is unclear, but to be safe, gamers should remove all mods from any weapons or armor they’re not using.

the division inventory glitch connection error

Unfortunately, many gamers have been attaching unused mods to gear that’s not in use in order to maximize inventory space. While an unused mod takes up an inventory slot, equipping it to a gun or piece of armor frees up an inventory slot. However, since many players have undoubtedly attached mods to gear and subsequently unequipped the gear without any problems, it’s hard to tell whether it’s purely a mod problem or a combination of all the above issues causing the login errors.

The Division‘s game-breaking glitch came to light last week, when many players began reporting that they were completely locked out of the game. Massive Entertainment started a forum post for reports on the problem, and over one hundred pages worth of disgruntled users pitched in on the matter. Unfortunately, the majority of those users still can’t login, and without an offline mode, it renders The Division completely unplayable.

Glitches happen all the time, but it’s disappointing that gamers are still waiting for a fix so they can simply login. With any luck, the patch fixing the problem will come very soon, or at least before The Division‘s take on raids is released in the April update. For those who can still login and play, the safest path to follow may be to avoid all the possible causes of the glitch: avoid crafting high-end backpacks, stash or sell your excess inventory before logging out, and remove any mods from gear that isn’t equipped.

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The Division is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Ubi Forums