The Division: How to Use the New Loadouts Feature

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The newest PTS for Tom Clancy’s The Division is live now on PC, and one of the most exciting features is now available for gamers to try: loadouts. The loadout feature has been a top request item for The Division players since the game released in March of last year, and now players finally have a chance to try it out.

Since The Division loadout feature is currently only available on the PTS (public test server), only PC players have access to the feature. It’s also worth noting that since it’s a PTS, the loadout feature may still be tweaked before it’s released for all platforms next month. For those who have access to the PTS on PC, here’s how to use the loadouts feature on The Division.

Creating Loadouts

Creating loadouts on The Division PTS is actually quite simple. In the player inventory menu, players can either look through their inventory, or move to the loadouts tab. In loadouts, players can set up to six loadouts for each character.

To set a loadout, players will first want to equip their character with the weapons and gear they want in the loadout, along with the skills and talents that work best with the loadout gear. Once everything is set, players simply jump over to the loadout tab, highlight one of the six loadout slots, and choose to set the loadout. The gear, weapons, skills, and talents will populate the loadout. From there, players can rename the loadout as desired.

Using Loadouts

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Once a loadout has been created, it’s easy to use in the game. The Division players need only open their inventory menu, navigate to loadouts, choose the loadout they want, and their character will be ready to go.

Having the ability to quickly change loadouts on the fly will be very useful in The Division, especially when it comes to the game’s PvP arena, The Last Stand. With so much fast-paced action going on, having the ability to change up a character’s loadout could mean the difference between winning and losing a match.

Additionally, these loadouts will be quite useful in The Division’s incursions, especially the newest incursion Stolen Signal. That incursion has enough different mechanics that many players are used to switching out their gear and weapons depending on which section their tackling. Having the ability to quickly change out loadouts will be incredibly helpful.

Updating Loadouts

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When The Division players decide to change a certain loadout, they simply need to equip the loadout, use their inventory to choose which items to replace, then go back to the loadout screen and choose to overwrite the loadout.

Overall, the process of switching between gear sets and weapons will be much faster and easier thanks to the new loadouts in The Division. Those using the feature in the PTS will be able to provide feedback to the developers about loadouts that will hopefully make it as useful, simple, and powerful as possible when it launches for everyone in May.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: YouTube - GamrInsanity

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