The Division Introducing Loadouts Feature

the division loadout feature

After close to a year of players requesting it, The Division developer Massive Entertainment will finally be adding a loadouts feature to its game. With the feature, players will be able to switch between a handful of loadouts to fit various encounters.

Word of the loadouts feature comes from The Division Creative Director Julian Gerighty, who spoke to Game Rant about his team’s plans for Year 2. Among other things, Massive hopes to give players more things to do in The Division as well as improved ways to interact with its systems, starting with the loadouts feature.

While Gerighty didn’t fully reveal how the loadouts feature would work, he did promise that players would learn more about its implementation soon. Specifically, Massive is holding a Birthday celebration (of sorts) for The Division on March 8th, which will include a livestream focused on Year 2 plans. We already know that Year 2 will include at least two free expansions for The Division, but there is much more on the horizon than that.


There is also a feats system on the way that will, according to Gerighty, reward players for participating in specific events or for reaching certain levels. These feats will come in the form of unique vanity items and patches for players to adorn their Division character.

“A few things we’ll go into more detail about during the livestream are loadouts, and specific loadout slots that we’ll be able to provide players so they can switch from one preferred loadout to another to match a particular situation. Another one is feats, which will reward players within the game with unique patches and vanity items that shows these players have achieved a certain level of confidence within the game. We see these as our very own Division achievements.”

If nothing else, it sounds as though the team at Massive Entertainment is listening to fans’ requests, and is finally ready to offer one of the most sought after features. With loadouts, players can set up several builds a number of situations and rotate between them on the fly. Sure, there may be some tweaking necessary with mods and whatnot, but loadouts also make transitioning between encounters in Incursions easier and it makes it so players can fill out a wide variety of roles without a ton of menu management.

Imagine being able to go from the DPS dealer to a skill build for big heals with the press of a few buttons – that would be a huge advantage for Division players. Or what if you want to scavenge the Dark Zone for gear and then a Rogue Hunt breaks out? With loadouts, players can flip from gear focused on collecting loot to a PvP build in no time.

the division last stand gameplay

Obviously there are still some questions about loadouts – how many can players equip, for example – but the good news is the feature is coming. Look for more info on March 8th, when The Division celebrates the launch of Year 2.

Tom Clancy's The Division is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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