Almost exactly a year after Tom Clancy‘s The Division launched worldwide, the final expansion for the game is due to release for gamers everywhere on February 28 alongside the free 1.6 content update. The final expansion for The Division will release concurrently across all platforms, introducing a new incursion called Stolen Signal, an objective-based PVP game mode called Last Stand, and a brand new Dark Zone location simply called the north expansion.

The namesake game mode of the DLC itself pits players into 8 vs 8 organized fights within the Dark Zone and features full matchmaking support. Stolen Signal will involve some co-operative hostage rescuing within a range of TV station stages which might have gamers feeling a little bit like John Marston, and the aforementioned new Dark Zone should be suitable only for top-tier level of players to test their mettle.

Those who haven’t bought into the game’s final expansion can still enjoy the free 1.6 content update, which brings with it massive improvements for PS4 gamers, who will be receiving a strong focus of game performance improvements. The infamously overpowered Alpha Bridge Gear Set will be getting nerfed in tomorrow’s update, and players should also see huge changes to the game’s skillsets, PVP balancing, and armor damage mitigation.

Ubisoft Massive clearly intended for the Last Stand game mode to be welcoming to players of all levels, and have normalized the gear sets for this game mode to incorporate a more stringent level of balancing to matches. 2 teams of 8 will face each other in Dark Zone locations while attempting to capture three separate points across a small map, holding on to those points to maximize points received. It goes without saying that the rest of the Dark Zone may not be as balance-friendly as Last Stand, so gamers traversing out there should keep both eyes open.

The game has come a long way from being a bug-ridden title upon launch,  and it will be interesting to see if The Division retains enough pull with gamers to potentially warrant any other significant endeavors from Ubisoft Massive. Regardless of whether or not this downloadable content is truly The Divison‘s last stand in regards to paid DLC, Ubisoft will be hosting a live stream today building up to the update’s release tomorrow.

What do you think about the Last Stand DLC for The Division, Ranters? Do you still play the game?

Tom Clancy’s The Division is available now for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.