Ubisoft Massive released a patch this week intended to remove access to the ladder exploit found in The Division — but the solution is a little more lethal than intended.

The team at Ubisoft Massive are doing everything possible to rid The Division of its many bugs and exploits. However, a fix for one glitch that went live yesterday is proving to have fatal consequences, as it gives certain ladders the ability to kill players who linger around them for too long.

Previously, ladders could be used as the starting point for one of the many transversal glitches that have been discovered in The Division. By running over the top portion of a ladder, players could run around in mid-air, making it possible to access areas unreachable by other means for a tactical advantage.

A patch released yesterday was supposed to remove this exploit from the game. Instead, it simply kills players who seem to be attempting to use glitch — which gets the job done, but isn’t a particularly sophisticated way of enforcing proper play.

Just yesterday, the weekly State of the Game stream saw community managers at Ubisoft Massive were talking up their concerns about the threat of “false positives” — non-cheaters being tarred with the same brush as players that are making use of exploits. However, this solution seems at odds with that perspective.

This exploit doesn’t affect every single ladder in the game, but users on Reddit report that it is completely reproducible in the location depicted in the video below. This kind of problem-solving on the part of the developers adds weight to claims that The Division is broken beyond repair.

Yesterday, a community manager posting on the game’s official forum responded in a thread discussing the fix. According to him, the team believes that they have found the root of the problem, and that it relates to being out-of-bounds — but while he confirmed it was “being looked into,” no specific timescale was mentioned.

Despite the many problems affecting the game, The Division is still a huge financial success for Ubisoft. Data released yesterday stated that the game had dethroned Call of Duty in terms of digital revenues, no doubt a major scalp considering the popularity of that franchise.

However, it remains to be seen whether or not players will stick with the game considering its issues. It’s clear that Ubisoft Massive has all hands on deck in an attempt to put things right, but the game’s currently captive audience will have plenty of alternatives to look into as this year’s release schedule gets into full swing.

The Division is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: Reddit