Ubisoft Massive unveils an infographic that details the closed beta for The Division, and shows an impressive tally of kills, grenades thrown, and much more.

It wasn’t a flawless experience, but the closed beta for The Division certainly captured the attention of countless gamers for an entire weekend last January. The studio quickly ran into problems supplying keys for everyone who wanted one, and it wasn’t long before it became very apparent that The Division was already a hit among players, a month before the game was due to release.

Ubisoft Massive has crunched the numbers, and the studio has now released an infographic about the aforementioned closed betaThe results contain plenty of neat statistics, like the fact that gamers threw over 9 million grenades in just under 7 million games. The infographic also shows that players accumulated an impressive 298,031,224 kills, which is about 35 times the population of New York City itself.

Click the below image to bring up a full size version of the infographic:

The Division Infographic

This isn’t the first infographic made for a game’s beta, but it certainly provides an in-depth look as to how things went. We have to take our hats off to the one gamer who played the beta for 90 hours out of a possible 120, which is over 3 and a half days of straight playing. We’d like to think this player got every cosmetic item before time ran out, although all statistics from the closed beta are reset ahead of the game’s launch this March.

The most glaring omission from the infographic is the number of actual participants. It’s likely this is because many gamers couldn’t get into the closed beta even after it was extended, and it may be a topic Ubisoft is keen to avoid. In any event, the studio has confirmed that an open beta will be coming to gamers in a mere 2 weeks, so those who missed out won’t have to wait too long before they’re able to walk across the long streets of New York City.

With over 600 million minutes played and the vast majority of players going rogue in the dark zones, it’s clear that The Division has attracted a gigantic audience who are interested in testing their mettle across the Big Apple.

It may be early days yet for The Division, but Ubisoft has made it quite clear they plan on supporting the title for years to come. The closed beta certainly started things off on the right foot, though only time will tell if the final product will deliver a satisfying experience.

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Tom Clancy’s The Division will be released on March 8th, 2016, for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: VG 24/7