Via Twitter, Ubisoft is showing off the bonuses The Division players will receive by gathering Patch 1.1’s  gear from Incusions, weekly Operations, and PvP.

The Division‘s players are a month out from the game’s launch and are already hankering for Ubisoft to get with the post-launch content already. After all, the game isn’t a particularly end-game focused experience (for now). Most end-game revolves around daily Missions and circling through the game’s PvPvE Dark Zone hoping for good loot drops. Luckily, Ubisoft is on top of it, having previously detailed the 1.1 patch releasing on April 12. That content drop will give The Division players a new goal: gear sets, found in the new Incursions game mode.

Four individual gear sets will be included in The Division‘s 1.1 patch. They won’t be solely available in the new Incursions mode, however. Ubisoft says set gear will drop from a variety of “challenging content,” which likely includes weekly Operations and potentially high rank Dark Zone blueprints. Each set should have up to six pieces, but set bonuses only require between 2-4 pieces. That means that players will be able to mix sets, with either a 4-2 or 3-3 combination of two different sets.

Today’s big reveal came via Twitter, where Ubisoft unveiled the specific set bonuses for each of the four sets. The individual set names were already known: Striker’s Battlegear, Path of the Nomad, Tactician’s Authority, and Sentry’s Call. Each sets bonuses, however, are newly revealed

  • Striker’s Battlegear
    • (2): +20% Enemy Armor Damage
    • (3): +100% Critical Hit Damage
    • (4): Talent | Shooter – Every consecutive hit deals 1% more damage. Stacks up to 100%. Missing shots drops bonus by 2%. Bonus is reduced by 1% every second.
  • Path of the Nomad
    • (2): +50% Scavenging
    • (3): +20% Health on Kill
    • (4): Talent | Nomad – When receiving fatal damage, you are instead healed to full health. Can occur once every 10 minutes.
  • Tactician’s Authority
    • (2): +4,000 Skill Power
    • (3): +20% Skill Haste
    • (4): Talent | Tactician’s Authority – Every 60k damage your group deals adds 1% skill power to you for a max of 100% bonus. Bonus is reduced by 1% every second the group isn’t dealing damage.
  • Sentry’s Call
    • (2): +30% Headshot Damage
    • (3): +20% Damage to Elites
    • (4): Talent | Stalker – Headshots mark the enemy, increasing the damage inflicted on the target by 15% for a duration of 10 seconds each. A target can receive up to three marks.

The Division's Incursions Set Gear Bonuses

And now every The Division player should understand why these gear sets will be worth making the most of end-game. Not only is each gear set uniquely strong, but they each build upon existing strengths in the current meta as well. That means that even well-geared players currently will be outmatched by set gear players. Not to mention that groups will prove that much more stronger than any individuals. Solo Dark zone players may want Path of the Nomad’s extra life ASAP.

Oddly enough, there’s not information regarding the absence of a tank set, which has stirred a portion of The Division‘s community up a bit. Tanking is one of the more challenging playstyles in The Division and many players have a difficult time understanding how the tanking and agro mechanics work. Removing tanks’ option for end-game gear isn’t likely to help those players in their battle against the all DPS, all the time meta. Maybe that’s just how Ubisoft likes it, but it puts a large part of the game’s skill trees to waste as a result.

As an avid ARPG and MMO player, I’m both excited and somewhat nervous. Having an established end-game gear crawl is a good thing for a straightforward experience like The Division. Anything more complicated for a console-focused game would likely prove difficult to design. Yet Ubisoft has to remain wary of following too closely in Destiny‘s footsteps. Destiny‘s been heavily criticized for erasing players’ progress with each new content release, scaling expansion gear to be that much better than anything prior. It’s an unrelenting crawl that players often grow wearisome of. Of course, The Division is young and Ubisoft hasn’t even released the first premium post-launch content. Ubisoft should receive the benefit of the doubt.

The Division is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Patch 1.1, which includes Incursions, or at least the first Incursion, set gear, and changes to crafting and gear drops, will be available starting April 12.