[UPDATE: This glitch has been patched (click here for details)]

It’s only been a few days since the 1.1 update for Tom Clancy’s The Division was released, but the game’s first Incursion mission has already developed a reputation for being incredibly difficult, so much so that even the developers couldn’t beat it. While we’ve come up with a handy guide for players on how to beat the Falcon Lost Incursion mission, one YouTuber has managed to discover a new glitch that will make The Division‘s notorious new mission a much easier to complete.

During one of his Falcon Lost runs, YouTuber Daryus P stumbled across a glitch that renders the APC boss fight into an easy non-event. To activate the glitch, players need to equip the mobile cover skill and make their way to the green rope to the second floor, which grants access to the main mission area. But rather than continue through the building’s second floor and triggering the 15 waves of enemies, players can use the mobile cover skill and glitch through the wall that’s overlooking the mission area.

There are still countless enemies and that APC, but thanks to the glitch, they will all be focusing their firepower on the JTF soldiers present and will ignore all players. At this point, all that is needed for victory is to equip the sticky bomb skill, and slowly whittle down the APC’s health. To get a better idea on how to pull off this glitch, check out Daryus P’s video right here.

It’s not the first time that the mobile cover skill has been used to exploit something in The Division, as it has been used to glitch into normally inaccessible areas of the map. This Falcon Lost boss glitch is just one of a few big bugs that have been discovered in The Division‘s 1.1 patch, including one that deleted players’ agents, and one that removed daily missions from the game.

Given that Ubisoft quickly issued out a fix for those agent and daily mission bugs, players should probably expect a patch for this Falcon Lost glitch pretty soon. In the meantime, those who are struggling with the mission should jump on this glitch, especially since those prized gear sets are now much easier to acquire.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: YouTube