The Division players discover a new glitch in the game, which allows users to utilize an exploit that can take down the formidable boss of Falcon Lost in a matter of bullets.

Although The Division has proved to not only receive high praise from critics but also huge popularity with gamers, it has to be said that the title has had more than its fair share of issues since launch. Not only did the game’s launch struggle with problems as simple as griefers stopping players from getting through doors, but a number of massive exploits have also been found in the Ubisoft-published title. Now, another has been found – and this one allows the player to take down the formerly foreboding boss of the Falcon Lost incursion in a few shots.

This glitch requires the player to pick a talent known as Competent, which increases weapon damage after using a skill. By then swapping rapidly between a weapon with Competent equipped and another, and using a skill, the player’s damage can be increased by a ridiculous amount. As such, even the most hardened of The Division enemies can be taken down with ease.

In fact, as this video shows, even the fearsome boss of the Falcon Lost incursion can be defeated with just a few shots. It may look a little unorthodox (and the music certainly doesn’t help), but the end result is definitely effective. When the glitch was discovered, Reddit even went into full conversation mode about exactly how to get the most out of the exploit.

Ubisoft to Punish The Division Exploiters

Although the glitch is not only tied to PC users, it’s certainly the best way to pull off this particular exploit. After all, that way users can run a script to switch between weapons incredibly quickly, therefore stack the Competent talent even further. It’s certainly not what Massive had in mind when creating a challenge so difficult even the devs struggled to beat it.

The use of glitches within The Division is perhaps the most contentious topic surrounding the title, with the game’s community split into two sides about the use of exploits. The game’s developers have looked in to taking a hard line approach to any glitch-users – a move which has received praise from those who believe gamers should take on the game as designed, while gaining scorn from those who feel the developers simply should have built the game better initially.

Whichever way the issue slides, it’s unlikely that gamers have seen the last of glitches in The Division. After all, there have already been nearly too many to count, from glitching into Stronghold raid areas all the way through to bugs that cause players to lose their characters. Ubisoft may be running a compensation plan, but it’s unlikely that the gaming community will forget about these exploits any time soon.

Source: TVPot, Reddit