A Reddit user and fan of The Division compiles and posts a complete list of all the potential talents players may see on High-End quality weapon drops.

Having only launched a week ago, The Division continues to knock down sales records, proving to be a massive success story for Ubisoft and their Tom Clancy universe. While Ubisoft excels at creating open world games using franchises like Far Cry, Assassin’s Creed, and Watch_Dogs, The Division adds in a heavy RPG element, which isn’t present in those other titles. As such, statistics and loot play heavy roles within the game, as players will come across all sorts of different gear and weapons during their play through, each with their own unique stats and talents applied.

In The Division, weapon talents are essentially passive attributes that provide additional benefits to the player. Talents do have requirements before they are activated however, with each one having a minimum value in Firearms, Stamina, or Electronics needed before the bonus will become active. While all weapons are capable of having talents, the higher quality that the weapon is, the more talents it may have. High-End weapons for example can have anywhere up to three talents at a time.

Division High End Gear Nerf

Thanks to Reddit user gLockwoRk_no, players now know what to expect to see for talents that can appear on High-End quality weapons. Here is the complete list:

  • Accurate: Accuracy is increased by x%
  • Adept: Skill increases your critical hits chance by 3% for y seconds.
  • Balanced: Weapon acquires maximum accuracy faster when shouldered.
  • Brutal: Headshot damage is increased by x% when using this weapon.
  • Capable: Using a skill improves the handling of your weapon for x seconds.
  • Commanding: Every kill performed while the signature skill is active extends its duration by x%.
  • Competent: Weapon damage is increased by x% for y seconds after using a skill.
  • Coolheaded: Performing a headshot reduces all skill cooldowns by x%.
  • Deadly: Critical hit damage is increased by x%.
  • Destructive: Armor destruction value is increased by x% when using this weapon.
  • Determined: Killing a target reduces skill cooldowns by x%.
  • Dominant: Every kill while your signature skill is active reduces the cooldown of your other skills by x%.
  • Expert: This weapon deals x% more damage when the target is below y% health.
  • Ferocious: Damage against elite and named enemies is increased by x%.
  • Fierce: Critical hit chance is increased by x% when using this weapon.
  • Fordern: Kills by active skills prolong their duration by x%.
  • Harmful: Each hit has a x% chance to apply the ‘bleed’ status effect.
  • Intense: The first bullet of a magazine has a x% chance to apply the ‘on fire’ status effect.
  • Meticulous: Killing a traget has a x% chance to instantly refill the magazine.
  • Prepared: Damage is increased by x%when more than 40 meters from the target.
  • Provident: The last bullet in your magazine deals x% bonus damage.
  • Proficient: The first bullet shot when out of combat has a x% chance to result in a critical hit.
  • Predatory: Killing a target regenerates x% health over y seconds.
  • Restored: Killing a target with this weapon removes all negative status effects.
  • Responsive: Damage is increased by 5% when closer than 10 meters to the target.
  • Stable: Stability is improved by x%.
  • Sustained: Killing a target increases your health by x%.
  • Skilled: Headshot kills with this weapon increase signature skill resources by x%.
  • Swift: Reloading is x% faster.
  • Self-preserved: Critical hits with this weapon heal the user for x% of damage dealt.
  • Talented: Killing a target with this weapon increases skill power by x% for y seconds.
  • Toxic: Headshots with this weapon have a x% chance to apply the ‘blind’ status effect.
  • Trained: Critical hits increase signature skill resources by x%. This talent has been temporarily disabled
  • Unforgiving: Missing health segments increases your damage by x%.
  • Vicious: Critical hit chance is increased by x% while at full health.

As players have seen, sometimes the combination of these talents can lead to unintended negative consequences. The High-End sub-machine gun known as Midas has recently been a lightning rod of controversy as the combination of an already high critical hit and fire rate and the three talents Viscous, Self-preserved, and Trained, made the weapon quite overpowered. With it, players were able to utilize their signature skills at a significantly higher rate, making them nearly unstoppable against not only the AI but other players in the Dark Zone as well. Massive Entertainment quickly took action after the initial reports and released a fix essentially disabling the Trained talent entirely until a later update which will then replace it outright. While the talent will still appear on weapons, it will no longer provide any bonus.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Source: Reddit