Reddit user Chaz630 reveals how to access the secret Central Park area in The Division by using a number of glitches and tricks to phase through normal walls.

Ubisoft’s highly anticipated third person shooter The Division has only been available for a week and already players have started to discover some of the games many secrets and hidden collectables. While players have come across a number of cool easter eggs within the streets of Manhattan, some even involving the likes of Batman, there are still many things that have eluded the fan base until now including how to infiltrate Central Park.

Thanks to a video posted by Chaz, players now have a way to access Central Park, an area of the game which is currently inaccessible in The Division. Unlike a few of the recently discovered glitches which may disrupt player balance, Chaz and his squad are able to phase through what should be normal walls using a few harmless wall tricks, gaining access to some interesting areas marked as out of bounds in the game. While leaving the map normally would trigger a 10 second respawn warning from the game, players are free to run around inside of this partly unfinished area of the game.

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Those hoping to get a glimpse of Central Park will be somewhat disappointed however as Chaz encourages everyone to find out for themselves. Players interested in exploring this area of the game should start their adventure in Hell’s Kitchen at Dante’s Run safe house, then following the waypoints marked inside of the video and eventually ending up at Dewitt Park. From here, players can access an overpass which will take them to Central Park.

Interstingly enough, players using these wall hacks have already discovered some interesting areas previously unknown to the public including a very detailed model of a large warship which many people are calling the Intrepid. The boat is actually a real life museum in New York so it is not out of the realm of possibility that this could be a future mission. It’s not known what Massive Entertainment has in store for these hidden areas of the game, but it’s easy to speculate that they will eventually get patched in either as part of the season pass or as a free content update.

Destiny, a game that The Division has been compared to quite heavily leading up to release, also had a similar thing happen to it prior to the release of the House of Wolves DLC content. Players utilized a number of glitches in order to gain access to seemingly random and hidden areas of the game. Similar to what’s happening in The Division, these areas were simply placeholders for content that was added later.

Are you planning to explore Central Park at all? Let us know about your adventures down below.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Reddit